Alumni Spotlight

Jamin Asay

Jamin Asay

How did NIU Philosophy help prepare you for your doctoral program/career in philosophy?

NIU Philosophy prepared me for my Ph.D. by filling in the gaps left by my undergraduate degree. I was able to work with professors who were better in touch with contemporary philosophy, and who challenged me to engage with active debates in the field. By the time I started my Ph.D., I already felt like I had been working at the Ph.D. level already for two years.

What do you feel is special about NIU Philosophy?

The faculty at NIU are experts at mentoring students toward top Ph.D. programs. They encouraged me to apply to programs that I wouldn’t otherwise have applied to, and gave me invaluable advice and support while I was applying. The extensive coursework and comprehensive examination also broadened my exposure to philosophy that has been invaluable to me in the years since.

Why would you recommend NIU Philosophy to applicants to MA programs?

NIU is a great place to discover whether a career in philosophy is something you’d like to pursue. If you want to go on to a Ph.D., NIU will position you to get into the best program you can. If you choose not to go on, NIU will still offer you a rewarding capstone experience in philosophy. NIU is a great professional stepping stone, but also a fantastic way of pursuing your philosophical interests that you developed as an undergraduate.


Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong

Prof. Asay specializes in metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science

Previous Appointments

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong, 2014-2020

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, 2012-2014

Visiting Scholar, Centre for Time, Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2009


Ph.D., philosophy, UNC Chapel Hill, 2011

M.A., philosophy, Northern Illinois University, 2005

B.A., philosophy, cum laude, Whitman College, 2002