Music of Burma: 
The Muriel Williamson Collection
Compiled by Chris Miller

CD cover for Music of Burma

Volume 1 
Kyo Songs: voice and Pattala 
Volume 2
Kyo Songs: Mixes Instrumentation 
Volume 3
Pat-Pyo Songs: Mixed Instrumentation 
Volume 4
Pat-pyo and Yo-daya Songs: Voice and Pattala 
Volume 5
Nat Pwe
Volume 6
Radio Program: Introduction to Burmese Music 
Volume 7
Folk Songs: Part I 
Volume 8 
Folk Songs: Part II 
Volume 9
Folk Songs: Part III 
Volume 10
Folk Songs: Part IV 
Volume 11
Songs: Voice and Saung Gauk 
Volume 12
Kyo Songs: Voice and Saung Gauk 
Volume 13
U Ba Thin 
Volume 14
An Introduction to Burmese and Mon Instruments

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Mahagita: Harp and Vocal Music
Featuring Inle Myint Maung 
and Yi Yi Thant

CD cover for Mahagita

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2003 
Produced by Ward Keeler and Rick Heizman

CD on Burma’s preeminent player of the arched harp and one of Burma’s most respected singers provide a beguiling repertoire of these beautiful recordings made in Rangoon in 2000. The Burmese arched harp a little-known treasure among Asian musical instruments, figures prominently in Burma’s classical music traditions. CD includes extensive notes and photos.

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