NIU Burmese Courses



310 The Archaeology of Oceania and Southeast Asia
408/508 Peoples & Cultures of Mainland SEA
421/521 Social Organization
422/522 Gender in Southeast Asia
491/628 Religion/Cosmology in SEA (Spring)
590 Independent Studies (Fall & Spring)
690 Independent Studies (Fall & Spring)


599 Independent Studies (Fall & Spring)

Art History

294: Introduction to Arts of Asia (Spring)
457/657 Topics in Asian Art (Spring)
494 Art History Undergraduate Seminar (Spring)
370C/570C Studies in South and Southeast Asian Art (Fall)
370D/570D Studies in Southeast Asian Art (Fall)
690 Indep. Study/SEA (Spring)
701 Seminar on Burmese Art (Fall or Spring)
703 Indep. Study/History of Art (Spring)

Foreign Language Burmese

103 & 103H Beginner Burmese (Fall)
104 & 104H Beginner Burmese (Spring)
203 Intermediate Burmese (Fall)
204 Intermediate Burmese (Spring)

Foreign Language Special Study

382 Independent Study (Spring)
482 Independent Study (Spring)


342 History of SEA to 1800 (Spring)
343 History of SEA since 1800 (Fall)
447 History of Burma (Fall)
560 Seminar in Asian History (Fall)
636J Independent Study Asian (Spring)
656J Indep. Study Asian (Spring & Fall)


225 SEA: Crossroads of the World (Spring/Fall)
490 Advanced Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
690 Workshop in Teaching SEAS (Fall)
691 Seminar in Southeast Asia Studies
625 Southeast Asia: A Multidisciplinary Perspective


324 Intro. World Music (Fall)
325 Intro. World Music (Spring)
398 World Music (Spring & Fall)


170 World Religions (Spring)

Political Science

260 Intro. Comparative Politics (Spring)
362 Politics of Developing Areas (Spring)
490 Int'l Law & Organization (Spring)
495 Burma Military Regime (Spring & Fall)
568 Seminar Political Economic Development (Spring)

Ceremonial Banquet Bettle Nut Box
Ceremonial Banquet Betel Box
Red and black lacquered
h. 22 in., w. 22 in.