Policies and Scheduling

Acknowledgment and adherence to the user agreement (.docx), and these policies are required to access the BRIC and CMF laboratories.

Users who wish to run an instrument independently must complete appropriate instrument training and obtain prior approval by core laboratory staff. Instrument training is available by appointment. Contact the lab manager at gsunter@niu.edu to make arrangements.

The CMF and BRIC laboratories use an online scheduling system, BookkIt, to reserve instrument time. Please contact the lab manager at gsunter@niu.edu to be sent an electronic invite to the BookkIt reservation system.

All CMF and BRIC users are responsible for backing up their data. Several instrument workstations do not have WiFi access in order to protect older software from problematic operating system updates. Please remember to bring a USB drive to collect your data.

Different workstations may have unique cleanup protocols that core users are required to perform at the end of their work. Users are also responsible for leaving the facility areas they access in the same working condition as when they arrived.

If any problems arise during the course of your work, please notify the lab manager at gsunter@niu.edu as soon as possible.

Personal protective equipment (PPE): all core users and visitors agree to wear PPE, which includes safety glasses, gloves and lab coats, at all times in main laboratory work areas. In room 119, when the sonicator is in operation, all users within the room are required to wear ear protection, provided by the core facilities. Please send any inquiries about routine PPE cleaning procedures to pbothwell1@niu.edu.

Before employing any new reagents and performing a new protocol, all users are required to review all material safety data sheet (MSDS) information and any standard operating procedures (SOP) relevant to that work.

All users are required to report all chemical/physical accidents as well as equipment failures immediately to the lab supervisor: gsunter@niu.edu and file an accident report to NIU ORCIS.

In the case of fire, please exit the laboratory immediately, avoid using the elevator, exit the building via the Eastern doors directly out of the building and call 911. In addition, please report the incident immediately to NIU’s Fire and Life Safety Officer, Nicholas Campbell, 815-753-3905ncampbell4@niu.edu, and to the laboratory manager, gsunter@niu.edu

In the case of a tornado warning, stay on the first floor of Montgomery Hall. This is the safest place in the building.

Current COVID-19 policies: are subject to change as positivity rates on campus and the surrounding DeKalb township fluctuate. All policies and guidelines for the core laboratory spaces are the same as those outlined by the university.

The maximum room occupancy and personal distancing measures for core spaces have been removed.

Worksurface sterilization measures have been decreased to wiping down the outside surface of the safety cabinet and fume hood sashes before and after work. Sterilization approaches to aseptic work areas still apply.

Within all core laboratories, wearing a mask is currently at the discretion of each core user. Single-use, disposable masks are available to everyone at request.

At the first sign of an increase in pandemic severity, all users will be notified by email and all core activities will be terminated. As core laboratory manager, Paige Bothwell will be responsible for cleanup and shut down procedures, including, but not limited to, the preparation and storage of critical samples and general clean-up.

Should a user violate the terms and conditions of the BRIC and CMF user agreement or these policies, their privileges to the laboratory shall be revoked. Appeals may be directed to the BRIC and CMF Laboratory director, Dr. Barrie Bode, bodebp@niu.edu.

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