History of the Department


1899 Northern Illinois State Normal School (NISTC) opened its doors.
1921 The Department of Biological Sciences was established.
1955 The expanded NISTC was renamed Northern Illinois State College (NISC).
1957 The expanded NISC was renamed Northern Illinois University (NIU).
1959 The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in which the Department of Biological Sciences is located, was established.
1969 The Department moved from Davis Hall (built in 1943) into Montgomery Hall (built in 1969).
1970 Dedication of Charles E. Montgomery Hall on Oct. 16, 1970.

Charles E. Montgomery
Charles E. Montgomery

George L. Terwilliger
George L. Terwilliger

Harvey Feyerherm
Harvey A. Feyerherm

James A. McCleary
James A. McCleary


Jerrold H. Zar
Jerrold H. Zar
1978 1984

Marvin J. Starzyk
Marvin J. Starzyk

Patricia S. Vary
Patricia S. Vary

J. Michael Parrish
J. Michael Parrish

Carl N. von Ende
Carl N. von Ende

Barrie P. Bode
Barrie P. Bode


Distinguished Research/Teaching Professors in the Department

Name Dates Research or Teaching
Ana Calvo 2014-2018 (Research)
Richard King 2011-2015 (Research)
Reed Scherer 2009-2013 (Research)
Dan Gebo 1998-2002 (Teaching)
J. Michael Parrish 2002-2006 (Research)
Rangaswamy "Nathan" Meganathan 2002-2006 (Research)
Peter Meserve 1999-2003 (Research)
Daniel Gebo 1998-2002 (Research)
Jozef Bujarski 1997-2001 (Research)
Laszlo Hanzely 1993-1997 (Teaching)
Patricia S. Vary 1991-1995 (Research)
John L.A. Mitchell 1987-1991 (Research)
Arnold E. Hampel 1982-1986 (Research)

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