BIOS Research Instrumentation Core (BRIC) and Core Microscopy Facility (CMF) Laboratories


The BIOS Research Instrumentation Core (BRIC) and Core Microscopy Facility (CMF) laboratories assist faculty and student researchers with projects that involve mammalian and bacterial cell culture methods, molecular analysis, as well as the preparation and analysis of samples for fluorescence, transmitted light and confocal microscopy. The BRIC is functionally split into three laboratories dedicated to cell culture, molecular analytics and microbiology and the CMF houses the Biological Sciences Department’s specialized research microscopes. BRIC and CMF services are open to the NIU research community as well as external academic researchers.

The BRIC/CMF laboratories are located in Montgomery Hall (rooms 113, 119, 116, 112 and 115) and managed by Garry Sunter,

To access BRIC and CMF services, please complete the new user registration and training. To register as a new user, please read the BRIC and CMF User Agreement (.docx) and complete the New User Registration Form. After registration, you will be sent an invitation to join to core laboratories’ online scheduling system, Bookkit.

Publication Acknowledgment

If you include work provided by the BRIC or CMF in a publication, please acknowledge the appropriate facilities by including: "This work was supported by Northern Illinois University's BIOS Research Instrumentation Core [or Core Microscopy Facility]." It would be appreciated if you sent a copy of the accepted manuscript, published paper or title of grant application to

Contact Us

Barrie Bode, Ph.D.
Core Lab Director
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Professor, Biological Sciences