Research Opportunities for Undergrads

  • Find a Research Laboratory (This is not a list of who has space or projects in any given semester - contact the professor about openings)
  • Email one or two professors. Include an unofficial copy of your transcript
  • After you've been accepted into a lab, get a permission slip from the biology office MO 439 to enroll for credit
  • Any questions? See Bethia King, BIOS 495/Honors Advisor, MO 446, 753-8460, 

Contact biology professors about openings for undergraduate research in their labs:

Professor Lab Research Topic
Heather Bergan-Roller MO447/425 Biology education research
Bill Martin MO 448 Undergraduate STEM education, basic and applied plant sciences
Neil Blackstone MO 339/423 Coral physiology and bleaching
Barrie Bode   MO449/412 Cancer Biology and Molecular Physiology
Ana Calvo MO  308A/309  Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology; Gene Regulation; Plant and Animal Pathogenic Fungi
Olivier Devergne MO 342/414 Cell and Developmental Biology, Epithelial Cell Polarity
W. Scott Grayburn MO 303/326 Molecular Core Lab
Michael Henson MO312 (L)/MO452(O) Aquatic Microbiology; Microbial genomics, physiology and ecology; Molecular and Computation biology
Holly Jones MO 448 Conservation biology; Restoration ecology; Climate change adaptation
Bethia King MO 446/428 Animal Behavior; Entomology
Jennifer Koop MO 449/317 Evolutionary Biology, Invasion Biology, Population Genetics, Conversation Biology
Virginia Naples  MO 425 Anatomy; Functional Morphology; Mammalogy
Karen Samonds MO 406A Paleontology, Skeletal Biology, Biogeography, Anatomy
Pallavi Singh MO 334/407 Human/Animal Microbiome, Bacterial pathogens, Comparative Genomics, One Health, Food Safety
Garry Sunter MO 322 Plant Pathogens and Plant Immunity
Wesley Swingley MO 333 Microbial Ecology; Computational Biology
Linda Yasui MO 358/114 Radiation-induced cell death, cell biology,  cancer biology
Shengde Zhou MO 435 Microbial genetics, molecular biology, metabolic engineering, biotechnology

Download a printable PDF document of instructions for signing up.

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