Educator Licensure, Secondary Science

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Educator Licensure, Secondary Science
Paul Fix, Director
LaTourette Hall 207
Colleges of Distinction - Education

Our educator licensure programs in secondary science will prepare you to show students how the world works. As a high school science teacher, you’ll inspire curiosity in your students and directly impact their lives. We offer educator preparation programs in five science disciplines:

Our programs feature a unique, cohort-based approach. You’ll complete licensure courses in step with a group of fellow students. The connections you make will provide support and help build your professional network. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Small classes with students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Modern teaching methods based on the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Faculty members who are experienced classroom teachers.

"I am thoroughly impressed with the CLAS secondary science educator licensure program. The breadth and depth of the training will prepare me well for the classroom. The more I speak with students and early-career teachers from other universities about their educator programs, the more I am convinced I made the right call to attend NIU."by Laura Passe, class of '23