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  • NIU is hosting the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (MEEC), to be held virtually March 20-21, 20201. MEEC is an annual regional conference hosted by a different midwestern institution each year and is organized and directed entirely by graduate students. The conference is graduate and undergraduate student-focused, providing a professional atmosphere for students of all levels to interact with and learn from their peers. Previous conferences have drawn between 250 and 300 attendees from universities around the midwest. Attendees are typically composed of 45% graduate students, 45% undergraduate students, and 10% faculty members. Registration is open on the MEEC website and attendees may sign up to present their research via a virtual poster session or pre-recorded talk.
  • Heather Bergan-Roller published a paper with an undergraduate, our former lab coordinator, and a collaborator in The American Biology Teacher. The paper is titled "A framework & lesson to engage biology students in communicating science with nonexperts."
  • Pete Guiden, Rich King, John Vanek, Holly Jones and graduate student Erin Rowland, had a paper published in PNAS synthesizing their work at Nachusa Grasslands. The paper shows how different techniques used to restore prairie ecosystems (e.g., prescribed fire or bison reintroduction) can have strong effects on many different animal communities, including small mammals, snakes, dung beetles, and ground beetles. This paper is also unique in that it brings together research done in three different labs at NIU (Holly Jones' Evidence-based Restoration Lab, Nick Barber's lab (now at SDSU), and Rich King's lab). View the press release.
  • The confocal laster scanning microscope Zeiss LSM 900 with Airyscan 2 awarded through an NSF grant to Linda Yasui is set to arrive in Biology in February.
  • Graduate student Erin Rowland, received a Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund grant from the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Graduate student Chloe Gherardi, received a grant from the Primate Conservation Inc., for her work on lemurs in Madagascar.
  • Graduate student Nicholas Foster was awarded a 2021 Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Science Research Grant for his wetlands fieldwork to be conducted in 2021.
  • Graduate student Laurie Spencer was awarded a 2021 Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Science Research Grant to support various laboratory analyses of Nachus bison fecal samples for detection and identification of intestinal parasites.
  • Graduate student Laurie Spencer published a paper titled "Cryptosporidium and Giardia prevalence amongst lemurs, humans, domestic animals and black rats in Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar" in the journal Heliyon.
  • Daniel Peterson, graduate student in Ana Calvo's lab, successfully defended his master's thesis
  • Timothy Saterlee and Ana Calvo published a paper in the journal Applied Environmental Microbiology.

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