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Welcome to Boron in the Americas (BORAM)

A Message from the Founder of BORAM

Prof. Narayan HosmaneAs a founder of the Boron in the Americas organization, I hereby welcome all of the researchers, scientists, engineers, physicians, faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate and undergraduate students alike, in the field of boron science. My only wish is that my services to this organization will be as memorable as those of our inaugural chairman, my mentor, professor Sheldon G. Shore of the Ohio State University. In order to keep the "Boron in the Americas" tradition alive, I need your help.

Let us first thank Professor John Soderquist of the University of Puerto Rico for introducing an innovative acronym "BORAM" that is appropriate and consistent with the format of this organization. Nonetheless, I wish our Latin American colleagues will join us with their associates and students to bring the true meaning of "Boron in the Americas (BORAM)". Therefore, one of my highest priorities in the coming years will be in bringing more participation by boron researchers, not only from North Americas, but also from South Americas as well.

When we first started this organization, under the old acronym "Boron in the USA (BUSA)"—thanks to Tom Fehlner—, we emphasized that the younger generation of researchers in the boron science, in particular graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs, should be encouraged in participating at our biennial boron workshops, held in various parts of the Americas. These young minds are our future scientists who will determine the viability of boron research in the next century.

For that reason, most of our funds raised during the boron workshops/conferences should be spent for registration, accommodation and travel expenses of these students and postdocs so that many new investigators in this field will emerge continuously. In other words, the oral presentation of each student must be the highest priority before allowing talks from their research directors. Let us keep this tradition alive by raising maximum financial resources in the form of contributions and gifts to fund our future leaders.

I now request your input in maintaining some existing policies that were inadvertently not publicized before.

  1. The selected BORAM Awardees must be present at the respective workshop/conference in order to receive the actual award;
  2. The selection of awardees are normally made among those researchers who attend our biennial BORAM events regularly;
  3. The person who proposes to host the next event at his/her location must be present or make sure that an appropriate representative, such as a co‐host or a colleague, is present to provide the justification of their detailed proposal.

It will be expected that the local organizers do everything possible to raise enough funds to support students and postdocs and, if possible, a few of their beginning faculty colleagues.

This brings to my final thought of re‐establishing the "Boron Science Pioneer Award" that can be presented to one person at a time in recognition of his/her lifetime achievements with outstanding international visibility/fame during the banquet at the biennial BORAM event. In order to make it a monetary award, I will do everything possible to raise enough funds from all available resources; for that, I need your help, advice and suggestions.

Despite the recent world‐wide financial crisis, BORAM is still alive with the successful meetings held in the USA and Canada and I have every hope now that the BORAM tradition will continue even in the South Americas in the near future.

Please join us with your students, postdoctoral research associates and faculty colleagues.

Thank you.

— Prof. Narayan Hosmane