Committee on the Undergraduat Ecurriculum (CUC)
Fourth Meeting/2002-03 Academic Year
November 21, 2002

The November 21, 2002, meeting of the CUC was conducted electronically, with e-mail approval received for the following items.

        Responses from Diane Jackman, associate dean, College of Education, to the two items she followed up on after last week’s CUC meeting

        The new course, KNPE 323, Clinical Proficiencies in Athletic Training: Lower-Extremity Assessment (2), which was approved by the EDUC Curriculum
        Committee at its #5 meeting, but inadvertently not included in the attachments to that meeting’s minutes

        The #3 minutes of the Engineering and Engineering Technology Curriculum Committee

The next CUC meeting will be at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 13.