Minutes of the May 6, 2005, Meeting

Voting Members Present: L. Hecht for G. Adams, G. Baker, J.D. Bowers, S. Conklin for S. Bowers, S. Callahan, M. Morris for J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, M. Daniel, M. Fischer, C. Fox, T. Heinze, M.B. Henning, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, K. Kitts, J. D. Bowers for G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, B. Montgomery, M. Morris, M. Mutuku, P. Nelson, J. Rique, N. Stahl, T. VanLaarhoven, D. Walker, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent: K. Freedman

Ex Officio Members Present: S. Conklin, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, W. Minor, S. Richmond, E. Seaver, C. Sorensen

Ex Officio Members Absent: M. Gillis, S. Warber, S. Willis

Student Representatives Present: B. Carwile

Visitors: P. Bauer, C. Lubbers, M. Myles, S. Schwartz

The meeting was called to order by G. Cosenza, Chair, at 1:05 PM.

  1. Motion by T. VanLaarhoven to amend the agenda to reconsider the vote taken on the proposed By Laws amendment at the April meeting. Motion seconded by M. Mutuku. Motion passed.

    Motion by J. Miller to approve the agenda as amended. Motion seconded by J.D. Bowers. Motion passed.

  2. Motion by K. Kitts to approve the April 15, 2005, meeting minutes as presented. Motion seconded by S. Conklin. Motion passed.

  3. Reports from Committees:

    A. Executive Committee:

    E. Seaver reported that a Middle School Task Force has been convened with members of faculty from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the College of Education. This group will be working over the summer and hopes to have a report during the Fall 2005 semester.
    E. Seaver reminded CITC members of the materials needed by 7-1-05 for the NCATE review. He also commented that the new website is “live”. This website covers ISBE and program policy issues. A separate, internal website for CITC and CAPCE members will be developed over the summer. He also reported that three candidates were interviewed for the Teacher Certification Assessment Coordinator position.

    B. Curriculum Committee:

    Motion by T. Heinze to approve the Summary of Action distributed with the agenda. Motion seconded by C. Fox. Motion passed.

    C. Research and Assessment:

    J. Rique reported that four programs had presented their Dispositions Assessment Plans to this committee so far, and the work would continue in the Fall. A revised schedule has been sent out to all CITC members. He expressed his thanks to the committee members for their hard work in establishing the template for programs to use. CITC members also expressed their thanks to the committee.

D. Committee on Policy and Procedures:

J. D. Bowers reported that this committee met electronically and agreed that a review of the entire By Laws document is needed. This will begin in the Fall.

E. Ad Hoc Committees

1. Student Teacher Orientation Meeting

S. Conklin reported that the agenda for this meeting has been sent out to all Placement Coordinators. E. Cummings has requested that programs give her an estimated number of attendees so she can prepare the hand-out materials. She asked that the names of likely candidates for the video of “new” teachers to be developed be given to Sharon Wyland (TLRN).
The committee members discussed the possibility of having Arne Duncan, CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, speak at this event. Due to the limited time available, it was decided to see if he would want to be available to students immediately following our presentation.

2. Contemporary Experience Committee

N. Stahl reported that the Statement of Principle distributed with the agenda was a draft and welcomed comments and suggestions. Discussion included:
• How shall “professional education faculty” be defined?
• The difficulty in forging a relationship with a particular school, other than our “partnership” schools.
• The fact that the experience must be by specific interaction, not observation alone.
• If the experience needs to be “every three years” according to NCATE, we need a definition of the length and depth of the experience.
N. Stahl will take all the comments back to the committee and plans to have a document ready for a “First Reading” at the September, 2005, CITC meeting.

  1. Old Business

    1. Conceptual Framework – Review

    Following discussion, it was agreed by consensus to add the words “and dispositions” to the sentence “Other common characteristics include development of the following skills and dispositions:” on Page 2. Motion by N. Stahl to approve the amended document. Motion seconded by C. Fox. Motion passed.

  2. New Business

    1. Reconsideration of proposed By Laws revision:

    Motion by T. VanLaarhoven to approve “Option A” as presented at the April 15, 2005, CITC Meeting. Motion seconded by M. Mutuku. Motion passed.

  3. Springfield Report/IACTE Report:

    C. Sorensen reported that a task force has been formed under the guidance of Elliott Lessen to review the NCATE/ISBE reaccreditation process. The ISBE will be offering training for the review process this summer. During the Teacher of the Year Award Ceremony, NIU student teachers received verbal praise. The state-wide Teacher Graduate Assessment Survey is doing well, with a response rate of 25-30%.

    M. Morris reported that at the IACTE/ISBE combined meeting at ISU on 4/21/05 the following information was shared:
    • The policy on paid student teaching was clarified. Students may use scholarships, fellowship monies, grants, etc. to pay for tuition during the student teaching semester, but may not be paid for the student teaching itself.
    • Each institution has the prerogative to define what the term "major" means in the context of subsequent endorsements.
    • Candidates who earn a type 10 certificate have an option to split it into type 03 and 09 certificates upon program completion, but must do so through an ROE as it is beyond the capability of OTIS to split them.
    • All programs have the prerogative to establish requirements for endorsements that go beyond minimum state requirements in terms of courses, hours, grades, etc. The state requirements are meant only to provide a baseline.
    • All candidates for endorsements after spring 05 must take and pass state content-area tests UNLESS they have a full major in the area of endorsement.
    • Candidates in focused programs must take and pass the APT UNLESS the new certificate lies in the same grade area as the original certificate, in which case they need not take the APT.

    E. Seaver reported that they are still working on getting the individual Content Area and Basic Skills Test scores available on the assessment website. In the meantime, programs will need to have students provide verification of passing the tests.

  4. Announcements

    T. Heinze, incoming CITC Chair, expressed great thanks to Glenda Cosenza for her fine job as CITC Chair this past year. E. Cummings was also recognized for her efforts.

    Following discussion, it was agreed that the CITC Kick Off Meeting would be Friday, August 19, 2005, from 9:00 – 10:30 AM, HSC Illinois Room. Dr. Heinze asked that someone on each committee this year be prepared to speak briefly on the duties of the committee for the benefit of new members.

    The first CITC Meeting of AY 2005-06 will be September 16, 2005, HSC Illinois Room, 1:00-3:00 PM

The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 2:15 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.