Membership of University Assessment Panel

  1. The University Assessment Panel shall consist of the following members:

    Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Development;

    Two faculty members from each of the university's academic councils:

    Academic Planning Council - one member elected by council and one member appointed by provost to achieve balance among colleges;

    Graduate Council - one member elected by council and one member appointed by provost to achieve balance among colleges;

    Undergraduate Coordinating Council - one member elected by council and one member appointed by provost to achieve balance among colleges.

    One faculty member from the College of Law; appointed by the dean of the college;

    One staff member from Student Affairs units; appointed by the associate provost for Student Affairs;

    One faculty or staff representative from academic support units; appointed by the vice provost responsible for undergraduate education and the assistant provost for academic support services;

    One associate or assistant dean responsible for assessment, elected by those persons;

    One graduate student to be appointed by the Graduate Council;

    One undergraduate student to be appointed by the Undergraduate Coordinating Council;

    Director of Assessment Services, ex officio, non-voting;

    Director of Testing Services, ex officio, non-voting;

    Director of Institutional Research, ex officio, non-voting

    The chair shall be the vice provost for Academic Planning and Development.

    Terms shall be one year for appointed members and two years for elected members.

  2. DUTIES:

    The duties of the University Assessment Panel shall be:

    1. To review the university mission statement, other statements of university objectives, and state-level policies as a context for assessment;

    2. To provide advice on performance measures and benchmarks to be used in new state approval and review processes;

    3. To integrate assessment activities for undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and academic support areas;

    4. To work with the General Education Committee and the Committee on Initial Teacher Certification on assessment activities in the general education program and in initial teacher certification programs, respectively;

    5. To promote campus-wide assessment activities to improve learning outcomes;

    6. To support departmental assessment activities in coordination with the academic program review schedule and advise departments preparing for program review;

    7. To make recommendations for funding support for expanded assessment activities in departments and colleges;

    8. To support departments and colleges preparing for the assessment component of discipline-specific accreditation reviews;

    9. To review and update the university assessment plan;

    10. To help position the university for the North Central Association reaccreditation process and assist with preparation of the self-study.
*†Associate Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Development Virginia Cassidy Virginia Cassidy
Academic Planning Council Laurel Jeris Laurel Jeris
Academic Planning Council Aimee Prawitz Aimee Prawitz
Undergraduate Coordinating Council William Goldenberg William Goldenberg
Undergraduate Coordinating Council Cason Snow Sherrill Morris
Graduate Council David Changnon David Changnon
Graduate Council Paul Bauer Paul Bauer
College of Law Gary VanderMeer Gary VanderMeer
Academic Support Services Shevawn Eaton Shevawn Eaton
Student Affairs Amy Franklin Amy Franklin
Curricular Dean Bradley Bond Bradley Bond
Student - Graduate Banafsheh Behzad Anne Canavan
Student - Undergraduate    
#Director, Assessment and Training Carolinda Douglas Amy Franklin
#Director, Testing Services Greg Barker Greg Barker
#Director, Institutional Research Dan House Dan House
#Director, Assessment Services   Carolinda Douglas
* Chair
† Ex officio
# Ex Officio, nonvoting