Membership of (IBC)

  1. The Institutional Biosafety Committee reports to, and is advisory to, the vice president for Research and dean of the Graduate School. Membership of the committee shall consist of the following:

    Three faculty members with expertise in recombinant DNA and/or biological safety;

    One administrator with expertise in research policy from the Office of Sponsored Projects (Supportive Professional Staff);

    One technical staff member with appropriate expertise;

    The NIU Biosafety Specialist;

    Two community representatives not otherwise affiliated with Northern Illinois University.

    The chair and all members of the Institutional Biosafety Committee shall be appointed by the vice president for Research and dean of the Graduate School subject to concurrence by the president.

    Length of term is indefinite, depending on availability to serve.

  2. Duties:

    Establish institutional policy governing all research and teaching activities conducted by NIU personnel that involve the use of recombinant DNA and/or pathogenic substances, and to monitor those activities and inspect the facilities in which they take place, in accordance with the DHHS National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules (59 FR 34496).

    The composition and duties of this committee are mandated by the federal government, as a condition of NIU receiving federal funding for research.

    Minutes of meetings shall be copied to members for approval; retained by the Graduate School Office of Research Compliance.


Biosafety Specialist Michele Crase
Faculty (3) *Michael Hudspeth
  Stuart Hill
  Gail Williams
Office of Sponsored Projects,
Dara Little
Technical Staff Representative Scott Grayburn 
Community Representatives (2)  **Faye Allen
  Paul Augustine
** Non-affliated