(Constitution, Article 6.6; Bylaws, Article 17.2)

Membership of Council of Deans

  1. The Council of Deans shall consist of the executive vice president and provost as chair, the vice provost for undergraduate education, the vice president for research, the academic deans, and such additional academic personnel as the vice president and provost and academic deans shall deem appropriate and necessary to the work of the council. The council members are directly responsible to the provost.

  2. The duties of the Council of Deans are:
  1. To act as an advisory body to the executive vice president and provost concerning all matters relating to the administration of the instructional services;

  2. To serve as a liaison body between the administrative units of the university that they represent and the constituent parts of their respective units;

  3. To initiate policy and to transfer recommendations of policy to the president's staff and/or to the University Council.


*Executive Vice President & Provost  Raymond Alden, III
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Earl Seaver
Vice President of Research Rathindra Bose
Dean, College of Business Denise Schoenbachler
Dean, College of Education Lemuel Watson
Dean, College of Engineering & Engineering Technology Promod Vohra
Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences Shirley Richmond
Dean, College of Law ^Malcolm Morris
Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Christopher McCord
Dean, College of Visual & Performing Arts ^Richard Holly
Executive Director, Division of International Programs Deborah Pierce
Dean, University Libraries Patrick Dawson
Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Hemphill

* Chair