(Bylaws, Article 15.11)

Membership of College Council

  1. The College Council shall consist of tenured faculty of the college. There shall be a minimum of one member from each department. Other eligibility criteria for membership shall be determined by the faculty of the college. The dean of the college shall serve as chair and shall be responsible for preparing the agenda.

  2. The duties of the College Council shall be:

    1. To act in an advisory capacity to the dean of the college on policy with respect to instructional and educational matters of the  college;
    2. To advise the dean of the college concerning salaries, promotion, and tenure;
    3. To make recommendations to the University Council concerning the instructional and educational policies of the college and the university;
    4. To select the appropriate number of its members to the personnel committee of the University Council. The appointment(s) must not be a department chair nor a member of a department one of whose member has already been appointed to the personnel committee (Bylaws, Article 2, Section 2.4).


MEMBERSHIP 2008-2009

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS: Lynn Neeley, Gerald Jensen, Geoff Gordon, Don Tidrick, Charles Petersen
Dean and Chair: Denise Schoenbachler

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION:   Connie Fox, Toni Van Laarhoven, Hidetada Shimizu, Don Richgels, Gene Roth, Cory Cummings
Associate Dean:  Carol Patitu
Dean: Lemuel Watson

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: Ehsan Asoudegi, Meung Kim, Andrew Otieno, Donal Zinger
Dean and Chair: Promod Vohra

COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SCIENCES: Donna Munroe, Nancy Nuzzo (Spring 2008), Deborah Gough, Sally Conklin, M.J. Blaschak (Fall 2008), Bette Montgomery, Linda Derscheid
Associate Dean: Mary Pritchard (ex-officio)
Dean and Chair:  Shirley Richmond

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES:   Khan Mohabbat, Brad Sagarin, H. Joel Jeffrey, Barbara Posadas, Fred Markowitz, Dennis Brown, Douglas Klumpp, John Bentley, Jie Song, Qingkai Kong, Andrea Bonnickson, Mark Fischer, Sibel Kusimba, Mary Larson, Sonya Conway, Michael Day, David Buller
Associate Dean:  Gary Burns
Associate Dean: Sue Doederlein
Associate Dean: Susan Mini

Dean and Chair: Christopher McCord

COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS: Michael Barnes, Brian Hart, Barbara Jaffee, Peter Middleton, Karen Williamson, Kent Gallagher
Associate Dean: Deborah Robertson
Dean and Chair: Rich Holly