(Bylaws Article 9)

The Faculty Personnel Advisor for the 2007-2008 academic year is Alan Rosenbaum, Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is serving his second year.

The faculty personnel advisor is a resource person whose services are available to any faculty member (ranked or no-rank faculty), administrator, or personnel body in the university. The advisor's role includes such activities as the following:

To advise faculty members about the personnel policies and procedures within the university and the courses of action open to faculty members;

To advise and assist faculty members who are experiencing difficulties with the personnel process;

To advise and assist faculty members dissatisfied with personnel decisions;

To observe the workings of the personnel process and to recommend needed changes or clarification;

To serve as grievance officer in cases of faculty pursuing the grievance procedure set forth in Bylaws Section 10.2.


The advisor is a full-time, tenured faculty member who has had experience with the personnel process at various levels, and is familiar with the administrative structure and operations of the university.

Conditions of Employment

The advisor receives a half-time reduction in academic assignments. The advisor may not hold membership on any personnel committee within the university dealing with matters relating to merit evaluations of faculty not holding administrative positions, salary increments, tenure, promotion in rank, or leaves of absence. The advisor receives an initial two-year appointment consisting of eleven months each year, renewable for an additional 11 months. The advisor shall be ineligible for a successive term.

Method of Selection

The faculty personnel advisor is elected by the Faculty Senate in the spring for a two-year term to begin at the start of the fall semester.