Membership of Responsible Conduct of Scholarship Committee (RCS)

A.    Membership

The Responsible Conduct of Scholarship Committee reports and is advisory to the Graduate Council.  Membership of the committee shall consist of the following:

The following will automatically be on the RCS

The following will be selected by the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School with the concurrence of the Graduate Council. One graduate student selected by the Graduate Student Advisory Council

One undergraduate student selected by the student members of the Honors Committee

B.    Duties
The purpose of the NIU RCS program is to provide awareness of complex ethical and related dilemmas that can occur in the scholarship process, and to suggest ways to address them.  The goal is to create a shared culture of responsible scholarship.  The program will not develop explicit rules that restrict intellectual activity.

The RCS program at NIU will make the University community aware of changing governmental and institutional laws, rules, regulations, policies, and ethical professional standards that guide scholarship, and will illustrate the normative issues that cut accross scholarly disciplines.  Awareness of ethical and responsible conduct of scholarship includes:

  1. Maintaining an awareness of professional responsibilities
  2. Creating a shared culture of responsible scholarship
  3. Identifying and responding to potential ethical problems
  4. Recognizing and understanding cross--disciplinary issues and standards
  5. Communicating to the NIU community the content of applicable internal and external policies.


*Vice President for Research & Dean of the Graduate School Rathindra Bose  Rathindra Bose    
Assistant to the Vice President for Research -- Research Compliance Sandra Arntz Sandra Arntz     
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Richard B. King Richard King     
Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee Michael Hudspeth Michael Hudspeth     
Director, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Murali Krishnamurthi Murali Krishnamurthi     
Research Development Coordinator, Office of Sponsored Projects Gail Mitchell Gail Mitchell     
Executive Secretary, University Council Paul Stoddard Paul Stoddard     
Chair, Institutional Review Board David Henningsen  Gregory Waas
Judith Hertz
Member, Faculty Senate Kenneth Burns Judith Hertz Judith Hertz  
Business Natalie Churyk Natalie Churyk  Natalie Churyk  
Education Jeffrey B. Hecht Moira Stuart Moira Stuart Moira Stuart
Education James N. Sells James N. Sells    
Engineering & Engineering Technology Shin-Min Song Omar Ghrayeb  Omar Ghrayeb  
Health and Human Sciences Ngoyi Bukonda Donna Munroe Donna Munroe Donna Munroe
Law  Kathleen Coles Kathleen Coles    
Liberal Arts and Sciences David Changnon Sharon Sytsma Sharon Sytsma  
Liberal Arts and Sciences Jim Thomas James Corwin James Corwin James Corwin
Liberal Arts and Sciences Carol Thompson Carol Thompson    
Visual and Performing Arts Paula Frasz Deborah Robertson Deborah Robertson  
University Libraries Leanne Vandecreek Robert Ridinger Robert Ridinger Robert Ridinger
Graduate Student  Andrew Sidle      
Undergraduate Student