Membership of Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities

  1. The Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities shall be composed of no fewer than 15 members representing all major constituencies of the university, including faculty, staff, and students. In keeping with the Bylaws, Article 15, Section 15.8, the commission shall include minority representation.

    Members shall be appointed by the president from nominations or volunteers solicited by the president from major university constituencies. Membership shall include representation from those constituencies that serve individuals with disabilities: Academic Affairs, Affirmative Action, Finance and Facilities, 504 Compliance Office, Services for the Hearing Impaired, Services for Students with Disabilities, Student Affairs, Student Association Director of Student Life Policy, and University Libraries Services for the Disabled. Efforts shall be made to seek representation for students with hearing, learning, visual, and mobility disabilities.

    Membership shall include both students and nonstudents with and without disabilities.

    Faculty and staff members shall serve three-year staggered terms. Student members shall serve one-year terms. All members shall be eligible for reappointment.

    A chair, vice chair, and secretary shall be elected by and from the members of the commission. One member shall be selected by the commission members to be the liaison representative to the Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources Committee.

  2. The duties of the commission shall be to make recommendations to the president regarding the needs of students, faculty, and staff with disabilities and to help promote the awareness of the university community about issues of concern to persons with disabilities.


Academic Affairs and Student Services Marcia Dick Marcia Dick    
  Gary Gresholdt  Earl Hansen Earl Hansen Earl Hansen
  Nancy Kasinski Nancy Kasinski    
  *T.J. Lusher Vincent Tinerella   Vincent Tinerella Vincent Tinerella
  Linda Hilgenbrinck      
  Sheila Milan Sheila Milan    
  Laurie Zittle Laurie Zittle    
  Karen Cole      
Finance and Facilities        
Members at Large Elizabeth Leake Elizabeth Leake    
  Terry Kessler Terry Kesler    
  Lee Ann Henry Mary Schlagel  Mary Schlagel Mary Schlagel
Student Association        
  Jarquetta Egeston      
Affirmative Action        
                         * Chair
                         + Section 504 compliance officer
                         # ADA compliance officer
                         ^ Graduate Student
                         @ Library Services