University Committees - Membership Election Procedures  

(Bylaws, Article 16.6)

Appointment to standing committees and to other university committees which require approval or consent of the University Council will follow the procedure below (Bylaws, Article 15, Section 16.61):

  1. The executive secretary of the University Council shall notify the eligible faculty of the available positions by written announcement.

  2. Departmental representatives to their college councils shall submit to their respective college councils the names of interested applicants for their particular positions, together with any additional nominees of their choice. In a college without departments or a college council, the faculty, as a whole, shall act as both department and college council.

  3. The college councils concerned will consider the list of applicants and nominees, together with any choices of their own, and make appropriate recommendations directly to the University Council for action according to established procedures. The recommendations of each college council shall attempt to represent minorities and women equitably within the college.

    a.  In case a position is identified as being from the university-at-large, one candidate may be recommended to the University Council by each college, together with a brief statement concerning the special qualifications of each nominee;

    b.  In case a position is identified as representing a specific college, not more than two candidates will be recommended to the University Council.

  4. The executive secretary of the University Council, upon receipt of nominations from the colleges, will solicit from each nominee a brief statement indicating the nature of the nominee's interest in the committee and qualifications for appointment.

  5. The Steering Committee of the University Council shall examine the qualifications of the nominees and recommend to the University Council those nominees who seem best qualified. The recommendations of the Steering Committee shall attempt to represent equitably the minorities and women nominated to the council. The council shall then make the final choice for recommendation to the president.

  6. Where the appointee to a committee is required to be a member of the University Council, the nomination shall be made by the Steering Committee and forwarded to the University Council for approval together with a brief statement concerning the special qualifications of the nominee.

  7. When a need arises for an immediate nomination, the Steering Committee shall have the authority to make the nomination itself. The Steering Committee shall decide when such a need has arisen, and shall be prepared to justify such decision to the University Council. A person nominated under this provision shall be authorized to assume the responsibilities of the position immediately, subject to final confirmation by the University Council at the earliest possible meeting of the council.


    Should a member of a standing committee of the university or other university-wide committee be unable to attend a meeting of the committee or temporarily be able to serve on the committee for a period of time not to exceed nine weeks, such member may designate a qualified alternate from the members of the constituency represented. Each committee shall, at the beginning of each academic year, approve working rules specific to the committee with respect to the determination of alternate members. The designated alternate shall have the same prerogatives as the regular member.

    Should a member be unable to complete a term of office or be unable to serve on the committee for a period of time in excess of nine weeks, a replacement shall be selected in the same manner in which the regular member was selected, and shall serve until such time as the regular member is able to return to the committee or until the beginning of the next term of office.