Library Advisory Committee  


Membership of Libraries Advisory Committee

  1. The Libraries Advisory Committee is directly responsible to the executive vice president and provost and is composed of the following members:

    One faculty member from each of the three divisions of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences;

    One faculty member from each of the other degree-granting colleges of the university;

    One member of the Graduate Council Library Committee by the Library Committee of the Graduate Council;

    One member of the library faculty;

    One member of the supportive professional staff;

    One member of the operating staff;

    Two students (one graduate and one undergraduate);

    The dean of the University Libraries.

    Faculty members are appointed by the provost, upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate. The terms of office shall be three years, staggered.

    Library faculty members are nominated by the Library Council.

    Supportive professional staff are nominated by the Supportive Professional Staff Council and selected by the provost.

    Operating staff are nominated by the Operating Staff Council and selected by the provost.

    The undergraduate student members are nominated by the Student Association (two nominees for each vacancy) and appointed by the executive vice president and provost.

    The graduate student member is nominated by the Graduate Council and appointed by the executive vice president and provost.

    The committee shall elect its chair, and the dean of University Libraries shall be secretary of the committee.

  2. The duties of the committee shall be to act as an advisory body to the provost in matters of library policy, needs, and services. Actions which involve a substantive change in policy are subject to University Council approval.


Dean, University Libraries  ¤Arthur Young   ¤Arthur Young    
Business **Charletta Gutierrez Charletta Gutierrez Charletta Gutirrez  
Education Becky Butler   Rebecca Butler Rebecca Butler Rebecca Butler
Engineering & Engineering Tech. Radha Balamuralikrishna Radha Balamuralikrishna Radha Balamuralikrishna  
Health and Human Sciences Trudy DeWaters   Lin Shi Lin Shi Lin Shi
Law John Austin John Austin John Austin  
Liberal Arts & Sciences Sing Deng   Jozef Bujarski Jozef Bujarski Jozef Bujarski
Liberal Arts & Sciences Mace Bentley Mace Bentley  Mace Bentley  
Liberal Arts & Sciences David Gorman *David Gorman David Gorman  
Visual & Performing Arts Ann van Dijk Ann van Dijk     
Graduate Council Representative ^Wilma Miranda Diana Swanson     
Library faculty Rebecca Martin Rebecca Martin Rebecca Martin  
Representative, SPS *Michael Spires  **Michael Spires Michael Spires Michael Spires
Representative, Operating Staff Dawn Ericksen  Dawn Ericksen Dawn Ericksen Dawn Ericksen
Student (graduate)    Tanya Muskievicz    
Student (undergraduate)        
         ** Vice chair
          ¤ Secretary
          ^W. Miranda serves for D. Swanson