Computing Facilities Advisory Committee

Membership of Computing Facilities Advisory Committee

  1. The Computing Facilities Advisory Committee is advisory to the Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services. The committee shall consist of the university vice presidents, associate vice president for Information Technology Services, senior vice president for Finance and Facilities, vice president for Development and University Relations, the executive vice president and provost, and the associate provost for Student Affairs, or their representatives;

    A representative from the Council of Deans, selected by the Council of Deans, for a three-year term;

    Eight faculty, one from each degree-granting college and the University Libraries. Nominations shall be made by the college councils and the faculty of the University Libraries and members shall be selected by the associate vice president for Information Technology Services. Terms for faculty members shall be three-year staggered;

    One member of the Supportive Professional Staff, selected by Supportive Professional Staff Council; one member of the Operating Staff selected by the Operating Staff Council to serve three-year terms;

    One representative of the students selected by the Student Association to serve one-year term.

    A chair shall be elected by and from the members of the Computing Facilities Advisory Committee.

    The associate vice president for Information Technology Services shall serve as a nonvoting, ex officio member of the committee.

  2. The functions of the Computing Facilities Advisory Committee shall be:

    1. To act as an advisory body to the associate vice president for Information Technology Services in matters of computing and networking policy to assure that the interests of the university community are adequately served.

    2. To advise the associate vice president in matters of computing and networking planning and priorities for the level and scope of general support and services provided to the university community.

    3. To review and make recommendations about major changes, deletions, and new technologies that have a broad effect on campus information technology practices.

    4. To develop and implement procedures to improve communication of current policies and notification of proposed changes in information technologies to faculty most likely to be affected by such policies and changes in technologies.

  3. Substantive changes in policy are subject to approval of the University Council.
+ Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services  Wally Czerniak Wally Czerniak
Executive Vice President and Provost or designee *Murali Krishnamurthi Murali Krishnamurthi  
Senior Vice President for Finance & Facilities or designee Steve Pace Steve Pace  
Vice President for Development & 
University Relations or designee
 Tim Webster Tim Webster  
Associate Provost for Student Services or designee Gary Gresholdt Donna Simon
Council of Deans Representative David Graf David Graf 
Business Richard Born *Richard Born 
Education James Lockard James Lockard 
Engineering and Engineering Technology Radha Balamuralikrishna Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb   Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb
Health and Human Sciences Trudy DeWaters Maribel Valle
Law David Gaebler David Gaebler David Gaebler  
Liberal Arts and Sciences Joseph Scudder Michael Day   Michael Day Michael Day
Visual and Performing Arts Frank Kulesa Frank Kulesa Frank Kulesa  
University Libraries  T. J. Lusher T. J. Lusher 
Supportive Professional Staff Richard Becker  Jan Gerenstein Jan Gerenstein Jan Gerenstein
Operating Staff  John Tobias  John Tobias
Student (1)  Anil Kondaveeti Joshua Galt  
       * Chair
       + Ex officio nonvoting