<i>Northern Star</i> Publications Board  


Membership of Northern Star Publication Board

  1. The Northern Star Publications Board shall consist of 11 voting members, the Northern Star advisor and the supervisor of the Northern Star advisor, ex officio nonvoting, and a representative of the University Legal Services, appointed by the president for a three-year term as an ex officio, nonvoting member.

    Student members shall serve one-year terms.

    Non student voting members shall serve three-year staggered terms.

    Two faculty members appointed by the president: one from the Journalism area of the Department of Communication and one from the College of Business faculty;

    One administrator appointed by the president;

    Two members from the Student Association, selected by the Student Association;

    Two members from the Northern Star selected by the staff;

    One member from the student body elected by the board upon petition by students;

    Three members appointed by the president from the community-at-large who are not students, faculty, or staff members at Northern Illinois University, nominated by the University Council. These members shall be selected on the basis of their knowledge and expertise in business or publication, or both, without ties to local media.

    The board shall elect its own chair.

  2. The board shall be responsible for traditional functions of publications boards which include involvement in the selection of the student business manager and editor, and periodic review of editorial and business policy. The board shall serve as a buffer between the Star and groups within and outside the university.


Administrator Michael Malone Michael Malone    
@University Legal Services, Representative  Ken Davidson Ken Davidson    
Dept. of Communication, Journalism Area Brian Thornton Brian Thornton Brian Thornton Brian Thornton
College of Business Dan Weilbaker  Dan Weilbaker Dan Weilbaker  Dan Weilbaker
SA Representatives (2) Allison Thompson
Britany Gilmer
Allison Thompson
Brittany Gilmer
Northern Star Representatives (2) Brent Renken
Mark Bieganski
Mark Bieganski
Amy Sherwood
At-large student  Nicole Fulton Javed Husain    
At-large community (3) Mary Butler  Mary Butler    
  Rich Schovanec Rusty Anglin    
  Mark Brown *Mark Brown    
@Northern Star Advisor  James Killam James Killam    
@Northern Star Supervisor of Advisor Bert Simpson Bert Simpson    
* Chair
@ Ex officio, nonvoting