Academic Planning Council  

(Bylaws, Article 14.3)

Membership of APC

  1. The Academic Planning Council shall consist of representation from the faculty, the students, and the administration

    Fourteen faculty representatives to be chosen as follows: two each from the Colleges of Business, Education, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Health and Human Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts; one from the College of Law; three from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (one each from the areas of the humanities, social sciences, and other sciences);

    Faculty representatives shall be elected by the college council or college faculty of the college they represent. They shall serve three-year staggered terms beginning with the fall semester. If no elected faculty representative is a voting member of the Faculty Senate, the senate shall elect one senate member to serve on the council as an ex officio nonvoting member. No department shall have more than one faculty representative at any one time.

    Two students, one undergraduate and one graduate, shall be appointed annually as voting members of the council. The appointments shall be made by the president of the Student Association from a list of nominees submitted by the college student advisory committees. Each student advisory committee shall be entitled to nominate annually one undergraduate and one graduate student, as appropriate to degrees offered in that college. Terms of office for student members shall begin at the start of the fall semester; no such term shall extend beyond the start of the succeeding fall semester. Students shall be eligible for reappointment to successive terms.

    The executive vice president and provost shall serve ex officio as chair. The following shall serve as ex officio nonvoting members:

    Vice provost responsible for undergraduate education; vice president for research; associate vice provost for academic development and planning; vice provost for resource planning; dean of the University Libraries; director of the Office of Institutional Research.The faculty representatives on the council shall elect from among their members a faculty representative who shall serve as the assistant chair of the council. The assistant chair shall be chosen annually at the first meeting of the council each fall semester and shall serve a renewable term of one year.Others who may be directly involved in issues concerning academic programs may assist the committee as resource personnel.

  2. Duties shall be: working with the college curriculum committees, the Undergraduate Coordinating Council, the Graduate Council, and in reporting to the University Council, the Academic Planning Council shall:

    1. Prepare and periodically update the academic mission statement for Northern Illinois University;

    2. Develop and periodically update plans and strategies to fulfill the university's academic mission;

    3. Develop and implement procedures for the periodic review of academic programs in terms of their quality and their consistency with the institution's academic mission;

    4. Advise the vice president and provost on academic priorities and strategies for the achievement of those priorities, including the establishment of priorities in budgeting;

    5. Make recommendations to the curriculum committees of the respective colleges and to the Undergraduate Coordinating Council and the Graduate Council.

    6. The chair, the assistant chair, and such other faculty members as the council may designate shall comprise a committee to prepare the agenda for meetings of the council.

Council minutes and reports are to be distributed to all University Council and Faculty Senate members and deposited in the University Archives. All substantive policy recommendations are subject to University Council approval.

2005-2006 2006-2007
*^Executive Vice President & Provost  Ivan Legg Ivan Legg    
Business Gerald Aase  Nancy Russo   Nancy Russo Nancy Russo
Business Denise Schoenbachler Denise Schoenbachler Denise Schoenbahler  
Education Diann Musial Diann Musial Diann Musial  
Education Laurel Jeris  Brent Wholeben Brent Wholeben Brent Wholeben
Engineering & Eng. Tech Parviz Payvar *Parviz Payvar     
Engineering & Eng. Tech Gerald Miller Gerald Miller     
Health and Human Sciences Jeanne Isabel Gail Williams Gail Williams Gail Williams
Health and Human Sciences Laura Smart Aimee Prawitz Aimee Prawitz  
Law Dan Reynolds Dan Reynolds  Dan Reynolds  
Liberal Arts & Sciences Dan Dillman  Amy Levin Amy Levin Amy Levin
Liberal Arts & Sciences Susan Deskis Gregory Waas Gregory Waas Gregory Waas
Liberal Arts & Sciences Carol Thompson Carol Thompson Carol Thompson  
Visual & Performing Arts   Lori Hartenhoff Lori Hartenhoff Lori Hartenhoff
Visual & Performing Arts   Eric Johnson Eric Johnson Eric Johnson
Student (Graduate)   Brooke Robinson    
Student (Undergraduate)  Travis Bornsheuer Nick Pappanduros      
+Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education  Earl Seaver Earl Seaver     
+Vice President for Research  Rathindra Bose Rathindra Bose      
+Associate Vice Provost, Academic
Development & Planning
 Virginia Cassidy Virginia Cassidy      
+Vice Provost for Resource Planning  Frederick Schwantes Frederick Schwantes      
+Dean, University Libraries  Arthur Young Art Young      
+Director, Institutional Research  J. Daniel House J. Daniel House     
              * Chair
               ^ Ex officio
               + Ex officio, nonvoting