Membership of Library Council

A.     The Library Council shall consist of five elected members of the library faculty who are on full-time tenure or tenure-track appointment.  At least four of the five
        members shall be tenured.  The untenured member shall not be present during consideration or review of promotion, tenure, and sabbatical applications, but shall
        vote on the participate in all other functions of the Library Council.  The dean of the University Libraries shall serve as a non-voting chair of the Library Council.

        All elected member of the Library Council shall have served at least twenty-four months from time of appointment as full-time faculty of the University
        Libraries by the time their Council terms begin.

        Each member of the Library Council shall represent the library faculty as a whole.

        The Administrative Staff, consisting of the dean, associate director (s), assistant director(s), as well as any other library faculty member who reports
        regularly to the dean, shall be ineligible for election to the Library Council.

B.     The duties of the Library Council shall be:

        1.     To recommend policy on behalf of the library faculty and to act in an advisory capacity to the dean of University Libraries;

        2.     To formulate procedures for the appointment of new personnel and to review and make personnel recommendations to the dean of University Libraries in
                such areas as annual evaluations, tenure, promotion, salary increments, and leaves.

*@Dean, University Libraries Arthur Young  Arthur Young
 Faculty Rebecca Martin  Jim Millhorn Jim Millhorn
Faculty Chalermsee Olson **Nestor Osario Nestor Osario
 Faculty  **Byron Anderson Byron Anderson
Faculty Jana Brubaker Jana Brubaker
Faculty Rod Ridinger Rob Ridinger Rod Ridinger
                                                  * Chair
                                                  ** Vice Chair
                                                  @ Ex Officio, nonvoting