Membership of Laser Safety Committee

A.     The Laser Safety Committee shall consist of members representing each department possessing laser equipment of Class 3 or higher.  The chair and
        department representatives are appointed or removed by, and the committee is directly responsible to the vice president for research.  The director of
        environmental health and safety shall be an ex officio member and the laser safety officer shall be an ex officio non-voting member of the
        committee.  Length of terms of committee members is indefinite.

B.     Duties and responsibilities of the committee are:

1.     Develop and promulgate policies and procedures regarding laser safety within the university.

2.     Review and grant permission for, or disapprove, the use of laser equipment of Class 3 or higher for experimental, routine, or non-routine uses within
        the university from the standpoint of health and safety of experimenters, students, faculty, staff and the general public.

3.     Recommend candidates to the vice president for research for the position of university laser safety officer.

4.     Outline the duties of the laser safety officer.

5.     Ensure compliance with laser safety standards, including federal and state regulations, and non-regulatory standards as outlined in the American
        National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z136 series of laser-safety standards.

6.     Review annual reports from the laser safety officer or other individuals with delegated responsibilities for health and safety practices of the university
        involving laser radiation sources, including personnel training records, laser hazard control measures, laser safety inspections, and other matters
        concerning use and operational hazards of lasers.

7.     Investigate alleged infractions of safety rules or improper use of laser equipment brought to its attention by the laser safety officer or other
        responsible personnel, and recommend remedial action to correct such infractions.


Chemistry & Biochemistry *Elizabeth Gaillard
Physics Ralph Benbow
Mechanical Engineering Mohamed Seif
Geology and Environmental Geosciences Robert Bailey
Environmental Health & Safety Michelle Crase
Radiation Safety Julia Sober