(Bylaws, Article 13.63)

Membership of GEC

A.     The General Education Committee shall consist of the following members:

        Two faculty representatives from the Undergraduate Coordinating Council (UCC) chosen by the faculty of the Undergraduate Coordinating Council;

        One faculty representative shall be appointed by the curriculum committee of each undergraduate degree-granting college except the College of Liberal Arts and

        Three faculty representatives shall be appointed by the curriculum committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including one from the
        humanities, one from the social sciences, and one from the other sciences. ;

        Three student members shall be selected by the General Education Committee from nominees submitted by the student advisory committees of the
        undergraduate degree-granting colleges. No more than one student shall be appointed from any college. Students members shall serve one-year renewable terms
        beginning in the fall semester;

        The vice provost for undergraduate education and the coordinator for assessment services shall serve as ex officio, nonvoting members.

        The chair shall be elected by the voting members of the General Education Committee and shall serve a one-year renewable term beginning in the fall semester.

        Faculty appointed by the curriculum committee shall serve three-year staggered terms, renewable, beginning in the fall semester.

B.     Duties

        The General Education Committee shall have the responsibilities to:

        1.     Monitor and evaluate the university general education program;

        2.     Recommend policies and procedures which will provide continuing evidence which can be used to evaluate both the program as a whole and individual
                components of that program;

        3.     Make suggestions to colleges and departments regarding improvements that can be made in the general education curricula;

        4.     Recommend additions, modifications, and deletions of courses which are a part of the general education curriculum;

        5.     Make recommendations regarding the improvement, including the redesign, of the general education program and of individual components of that program;

        6.     Perform such other duties as the UCC may prescribe. Recommendations regarding policy changes shall be forwarded, together with a written statement of
                the rationale for such changes, to the UCC for further action.


UCC Faculty  Lesley Rigg  Elizabeth Wilkens  
UCC Faculty  Judith Hertz  David Rusin  
Business Elisa Fredericks  Elisa Fredericks Elisa Fredericks Elisa Fredericks
Education Don Richgels Don Richgels  
Engineering & Eng. Technology Jule Scarborough Kurt Rosentrater Kurt Rosentrater Kurt Rosentrater
Health and Human Sciences Josephine Umoren Josephine Umoren Josephine Umoren 
Liberal Arts & Sciences  @Kendall Thu **Kendall Thu   
Liberal Arts & Sciences *Paul Stoddard *Paul Stoddard Paul Stoddard Paul Stoddard
Liberal Arts & Sciences James Hudson James Hudson James Hudson 
Visual & Performing Arts John Fairfield John Fairfield John Fairfield 
+ Vice Provost #Robert Wheeler  Earl Seaver  
+ Coordinator for Assessment Services Craig Barnard  Craig Barnard  
Students (3)  Cassie Reuter - ED
Mary Cummins  - LAS
Jill Johnson - HHS
Pricilla Hammond - ED
Jared Johnson - BUS
                         * Chair
                         + Ex officio, nonvoting
                         **Assistant Chair