Committee on Advanced Professional Certification in Education (CAPCE)

 Membership of CAPCE

1.    Responsibilities
        The basic purpose of the Committee on Advanced Professional Certification is to serve as a coordinating body regarding policies, curriculum, and procedures
        pertaining to advanced professional certification programs at Northern Illinois University.

2.    Membership


        One faculty seat shall be allocated for each advanced professional certification program as approved by CAPCE.

        Each faculty representative shall have only one vote per advanced certification program being represented.

        Faculty representatives shall be selected annually by the academic department faculties having administrative responsibility for the advanced certification
        program(s).  Each department shall notify the University Coordinator of Teacher Certification of the faculty member selected to serve on CAPCE.  Each
        department should acknowledge that responsible membership on CAPCE and its subcommittees may require a substantial commitment of time on the part of
        the program representatives, and this should be taken into account when program representatives are selected and the merit procedure is undertaken each year.

        Each program representative has the authority to speak for that program in discussions and votes of CAPCE.  The same person, or his/her designee, will serve
        as the official program contact person outside of CAPCE meetings when questions relating to that advanced professional certification program arise within the
        university.  Each program representative is responsible for keeping other program faculty appropriately informed of pertinent actions of and issues being
        addressed by the CAPCE, for keeping CAPCE informed of pertinent news and developments related to certification, and referring CAPCE related inquiries

        There shall be one student representative of an advanced professional certification program in education appointed by CAPCE annually.  The Committee will
        consider nominations from all of the advanced programs before making its selection.

        The student representative shall have one vote.


        Ex officio members of the CAPCE shall include a representative from the office of the Provost, a representative from the office of the Dean of the Graduate
        School, the University Certification Officer and the University Coordinator of Teacher Certification

        Ex officio members shall serve without vote.


        A faculty member serving on the CAPCE shall serve until replaced by the respective certification program.

        The student representative shall serve a term of one year beginning on August 16 or as soon as appointed thereafter.

        Administration representatives shall serve as long as each person continues to hold the office upon which representation is based, or as long as the person shall
        be a duly recognized designee.


        The Committee shall elect a chair-elect from among the faculty representatives at an organizational meeting each spring term for the following year.

        After serving one year the chair shall succeed to the office of past chair and shall serve in the office for one year.

        In the absence of the chair the duties as presiding officer shall be exercised by the chair-elect.  In the absence of both the chair and the chair-elect the past
        chair shall serve as the presiding officer.

        The terms of office of the new chair-elect, chair, and past chair shall begin at the start of the academic year.


        The recording secretary shall see that the CAPCE minutes and reports are forwarded to the University Coordinator of Teacher Certification to be deposited in
        the university archives and distributed in timely fashion to the University Council, the Faculty Senate, the CAPCE membership and such others as deemed
        appropriate by CAPCE.

        The term of the secretary shall begin at the start of the academic year.

Committee on Advanced Professional Certification in Education (CAPCE)

Chief School Business *Joe Saban
General Administrative (Principal)
Reading Specialist Norm Stahl
School Guidance Counselor Scott Wickman
School Library Media Specialist Rebecca Butler
School Psychologist Greg Waas
Speech-Language Pathology Pat Tattersall
Superintendent John Murphy
+Vice Provost Earl Seaver
+Certification Officer Christine Sorensen
+Graduate School representative Carla Montgomery
+Coordinator, Univ. Coordinator of Teacher Cert. Al Buehler
                                     +non voting