2012-13 Committees of the University

Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee
(Bylaws, Article 16.3)

Membership of Campus Security & Environmental Quality Committee

16.3 Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee

16.3.1 Composition The committee shall have the following members:

(A) The executive vice president and provost; the vice president for student affairs and enrollment management; the vice president for university relations; and the executive vice president for business and finance, chief of operations, or their designees;

The chair of the Faculty Senate-University Council Committee on Resources, Space, and Budgets, the associate vice president, finance and facilities - operations; the chief of police; the director of parking services; the director of environmental health and safety; the campus planning coordinator; and the director of student life policy or their designees;

Two faculty appointed to serve two-year staggered terms by the Faculty Senate from nominees submitted by the college councils, the Library Council, and the faculty of the College of Law; two operating staff appointed to serve two-year staggered terms by the Operating Staff Council; and two Supportive Professional Staff appointed to serve two-year staggered terms by the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

Four students appointed to serve one-year terms, including one resident undergraduate student, selected by the Residence Hall Association; one graduate student, selected by the Graduate Council; one Greek Community student selected by the president of the Student Association; and one commuting student, selected by the president of the Student Association;

A representative of the City of DeKalb, appointed by the City Manager. 

16.3.2 Duties The Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee shall meet on a regular basis and shall advise the president on matters involving the security (including personal and property security) of the university community and protecting and enhancing the interior and exterior quality and security of the campus environment. Membership on the committee shall assure broad and balanced representation of the university community and it geographic regions (e.g., Greek row, residence halls, parking areas, classrooms). The chair of the committee shall be appointed by the president from its membership.

Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee

The CSEQC meets on the third Wednesday of the month from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Lowden Hall 304.  

Executive Vice President and Provost or designee
Roger Maas
Roger Maas
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management or designee
John Jones
John Jones
Vice president for University Relations or designee
Carlos Granados 
Mary Lou Read Dryer
Executive Vice President for Business and Finance, Chief of Operations or designee
Cheryl Ross 
*Cheryl Ross
Faculty member (by FACULTY SENATE)
Earl Hansen
Philip Carpenter Philip Carpenter
Faculty member (by FACULTY SENATE)
Jana Brubaker
Jana Brubaker
Chair of FS-UC Committee on Resources, Space, & Budgets
Laurie Elish-Piper
Paul Carpenter
Associate Vice President, Finance and Facilities - Operations or designee
*Debra Bryant 

Chief of Police or designee
Alan Smith 
Lt. Jason John
Sgt. Joseph Przybyla
Director of Parking Services or designee
Kristin Mommsen
Scott Kangas
Director of Environmental Health and Safety or designee
Scott Mooberry 
Dave Scharenberg
Campus Planning Coordinator or designee
James Murphy 
James Murphy
Director of Student Life Policy or designee
Daihee Cho
SPS representative
Donna Schoenfeld
Melissa Burlingame
Melissa Burlingame
SPS representative
Brian Glick
Brian Glick
OS representative
David Long
David Long
OS representative
Gay Campbell 
Judy Andres
Judy Andres
Student (by RHA)
Daihee Cho
Timothy Brandner
Student (by Graduate Council)
Kayci Sterzer 
Ryan Neir
Commuting student (by SA)
Greek Community representative (by SA)
Susan Richard
City of DeKalb representative (by City Manager)
Carl Leoni 
Sgt. Jim McDougall

* Chair