2011-12 Committees of the University

Educational Services and Programs Faculty Advisory Committee 


  1. The Educational Services and Programs Faculty Advisory Committee provides advice and counsel to the vice provost as that office is concerned with the administration and supervision of the various programs within ESP, including, but not limited to, ACCESS, CHANCE, Student Support Services and Upward Bound. The members of the advisory committee address the philosophical and practical issues relating to recruitment, matriculation, retention (including curricular planning, advising and mentoring), graduation, alumni relations (including lifelong learning, graduate degrees, networking, and mentoring new ESP admits), and resources for specially identified populations as served by the offices reporting to the Vice Provost.

    Members shall serve three-year terms.

  2. The Educational Services and Programs Advisory Committee shall consist of the following members:

    The director of each of the units in ESP or his/her designee;

    One faculty member appointed by his/her department chair from each of the communication skills areas which include: English, mathematics, communication and reading;

    One faculty member appointed by the College Curriculum Committee of each of the undergraduate degree-granting colleges not represented by the communication skills areas including the College of Business, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, College of Health and Human Sciences, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts;

    The vice provost or his/her designee ex officio nonvoting;

    The chair is selected annually by the committee.

Educational Services and Programs Faculty Advisory Committee

ESP - Upward Bound
Felicia Bohanon

Shevawn Eaton
**Shevawn Eaton

Denise Hayman
Denise Hayman

ESP - Student Support Services 
**Jerry Wright
Jerry Wright
Communication Skills:
Communication Skills - Communication
Ferald Bryan
Ferald Bryan    
Communication Skills - Reading
*Sonya Armstrong
Sonya Armstrong  
Communication Skills - English
Michael Day
Michael Day
Communication Skills - Mathematical Sciences
Quingkai Kong
Quingkai Kong 
Quingkai Kong
College of Business
Linda Matuszewsk
Linda Matuszewsk
College of EET
Katasha Charleston
Katasha Charleston
Katasha Charleston
College of HHS
Tomoyuki Shibata
Tomoyuki Shibata 
Tomoyuki Shibata
College of VPA

+ Vice Provost
Earl Seaver/David Changnon 
Anne Birberick

*   chair
** ESP Coordinator
+  ex officio, nonvoting