2011-12 Committees of the University

Committee on Initial Teacher Certification
(Bylaws, Article 14.7)

Membership of CITC

  1. Faculty Representation

    Each initial certification program in each college, including cross-listed programs, shall be allocated one voting member of CITC. However, the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences shall always have an equal number of voting members determined by the number of programs in the college with the greatest number of programs. Each college will also be permitted to appoint one student voting member.

    When a new program is recognized by CITC and ISBE they shall be allocated one voting member. During the process of review and acceptance a program may have ex officio status within CITC. When a program cease to exist at the university or state level, one the program is no longer offering courses it shall lose its entitlement to voting membership.

  2. Student Representation

    There shall be one student representative for each of the colleges housing an initial teacher certification program.

    Student representatives must be admitted to and enrolled in an approved initial teacher certification program.

    Each college shall determine the methods of selection for its representative. Each college shall notify the university coordinator of teacher certification of the student elected.

    Each student representative shall have one vote.

  3. Administrative Representation

    The following, or their designees, shall be ex officio nonvoting members of the committee: the vice provost responsible for undergraduate education, the dean of each college housing an initial teacher certification program, the dean of the Graduate School, the director of the office of Registration and Records, the coordinator of community college relations, the university certification officer, and the university coordinator of teacher certification, and the alternative certification coordinator. Each administrative representative shall serve as long he or she holds his or her office.

  4. Terms of Office

    Faculty elected to the CITC shall serve until replaced by the respective academic department faculties.

    Student representatives shall serve terms of one year beginning on August 16 or as soon as appointed thereafter.

    Administration representatives shall serve as long as each person continues to hold the office upon which representation is based.

Committee on Initial Teacher Certification (CITC)

The CITC meets on the third Friday of the month during the academic year at 1 p.m.

Art Shei-Chau Wang Shei-Chau Wang
Biology Jon Miller Jon Miller
Chemistry           Victor Ryzhov
College of Education At-large Lynette Chandler Jenny Parker
College of Education At-large David Walker
College of Education At-large Cynthia Taines Cynthia Taines
College of Education At-large Paul Kelter Paul Kelter
College of Education At-large James Cohen James Cohen
College of Education At-large Sharon Smaldino
College of Education At-large Steve Wallace Jeff Chan
College of Education At-large Clersida Garcia
Early Childhood Education - COE Moses Mutuku Maylan Dunn-Kenney
Early Childhood - CHHS Susan Bowers Susan Bowers
Early Childhood - FCNS
Earth & Space Science Paul Stoddard
Economics Masayuki Hirukawa Mohammad Mirhosseini
Educational Technology, Research & Assessment Sharon Smaldino
Elementary Education Sarah Cohen
Elementary Education Sheldon Woods Sheldon Woods
English Tom McCann Tom McCann
Environmental Science John Toles
Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences *Bette Montgomery Bette Montgomery
French (Special K-12)           Elizabeth Erbeznik         
Geography Wei Luo Wei Luo
German (Special K-12) Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz *Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz
Health Education Nancy LaCursia Nancy LaCursia
History J. D. Bowers Andrea Smalley
Mathematics Mary Shafer Paul Dawkins
Music Education Glenda Cosenza Jui Ching Wang
Physical Education (6-12) Ethel Gregory
Physical Education (K-12) So-Yeun Kim So-Yeun Kim
Physics Augden Windelborn Judy Boisen
Political Science Mikel Wyckoff Mikel Wyckoff
Psychology Leslie Matuszewich Leslie Matuszewich
Sociology and Anthropology Kate Maley Kate Maley
Spanish (Special K-12) Michael Morris Bob Walsh
Special Education - LBS I Erika Blood Erika Blood
Special Education - LBS II Laura Hedin Laura Hedin
Special Educaiton - Vision Gaylen Kapperman William Penrod
Student Rep - CHHS Erin Devita    Erin Devita 
Student Rep - CLAS Donielle McArthur   Tim McNamara
Student Rep - COE Kristin Kutella     Kristin Kutella
Student Rep - CVPA                    
x Vice Provost Earl Seaver Anne Birberick
x Coordinator UOTC & Certification Officer J.D. Bowers
x College of Education Helen Brantley Helen Brantley
x College of Education Connie Fox Connie Fox
x College of Health & Human Sciences Shirley Richmond Mary Pritchard
x College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Susan Callahan Susan Callahan
x College of Visual & Performing Arts Richard Holly Richard Holly
x Educatinal Technology, Research & Assessment Rebecca Hunt
x Graduate School Bradley Bond Bradley Bond
x Registration & Records Suzanne Warber Suzanne Warber
x Teacher Certification Assessment Coordinator Carrie Zack Carrie Zack
CAPCE Representative Jon Miller

* faculty chair 
x ex officio, nonvoting