Response to Intervention

The RtI Project is NIU's faculty initiative to transform ourselves into experts on the educational practice of using a multi-tiered model of research-based instruction, intervention and assessment (known as "response to intervention" or RtI) to improve the progress and performance of all students in the nation's schools.  The collaborative faculty all participate in professional development activities to develop expertise in RtI broadly as well as in the areas of RtI most relevant to their certification program and areas of research and study.  The project's leaders and collaborative faculty will provide support to the certification programs on campus and to the broader educational community through its resource libraries, professional development events, participation in curricular modification activities, and through various means of disseminating information. 

The RtI Project is also connected to the I-ASPIRE (Illinois' program for school systems' implementation of RtI) and the Illinois RtI Network. 

Online Tutorial - RtI: An Introduction

In order to facilitate our work with schools and within our own programs, one of our faculty members, Dr. Christine Malecki, has developed an online tutorial for RtI. Titled What is Response to Intervention? An Introduction to Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, the webinar is divided into five modules, each with its own series of engaged and interactive exercises drawn from real examples and data sets. The tutorial, "a brief and broad overview," guides participants toward learning more and developing a deeper understanding of the concepts, practices, and objectives of MTSS, and utilizes a series of downloaded course handouts and exercise sheets in order to enhance the experience.


The tutorial has already been used to great success in several classrooms within teacher preparation programs, as an entry-point for professional development in partner districts, and is now being integrated into the course offerings of NIU's Virtual Lab School (VLS). It is currently located on our P20 webpage at:


Resource Library

 What is RtI?  Dr. Christine Malecki gave a presentation to CITC on the fundamentals of RtI.  Explore her PowerPoint presentation or  view the video of the presentation.