How to Withdraw from the University

Where can I find information about adding and dropping classes, before and after the deadlines?

Specific add/drop deadlines for a semester are available on-line. Deadlines vary depending on the length of the course. Specific deadlines are accessed on your schedule. Click the calendar icon under 'deadlines' for information on each course.

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After the established drop deadlines, all course load reductions become withdrawals. This includes last half session courses which have their own established add/drop deadlines. All requests to withdraw from a course after the drop deadlines must be initiated and processed through your major college office (undergraduates) or through the Graduate School (graduate students and students-at-large). A course withdrawal will remain on your academic record, but is not used in calculating a student's grade point average.

How do I withdraw from a class?

After the drop deadline, you may withdraw from a class by contacting the Dean's office of your major college. If you are a graduate student, then contact the graduate school.

How do I withdraw from the university?

Students must contact the Dean's office of their major college if they want to withdraw from the university.

MyNIU will not let me drop all of my classes. How do I drop all of my classes?

Undergraduate students cannot drop to zero hours using MyNIU, once the term begins. Dropping all of your courses is considered a university withdrawal. You should contact the Dean's office of your major college office to withdraw from the university.

If you have any questions about withdrawing from the university, please feel free to check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the NIU Office of Registration and Records at (815) 753-0681 or by e-mail at