FERPA Tutorial

Access to Student Records

The access provided for staff to do their jobs does not overlap into information that is not required of the position. Use a “need to know” approach when accessing students' education records. University officials at NIU must have a legitimate university related educational or administrative interest and a need to review an education record in order to fulfill their professional responsibility.

Staff may not disclose any information about any student to anyone who does not need this information to do his or her job and the University.

Staff should check the student's record on the student information system or contact the Office of Registration and Records to see if the student has requested nondisclosure before releasing directory information about the student to someone who is not a university official with a need to know. Non-directory information from a student's education records, such as grades or class schedules, should not be shared with parents. You may always refer parents to the Office of Registration and Records.


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