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NIU PDS Brochure on School-University Partnerships


National Association for Professional Development Schools


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Below are resources that will provide you with more information on professional development schools, teacher certification, career opportunities, scholarships and more.



ENGAGE The NIU Engagement and Outreach Activities website compiles information on hundreds of activities and provides activity information and resources to students, faculty, staff, and community partners.
ISBE Employment The Illinois State Board of Education Employment site offers links to career opportunities in education.
NAPDS The National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) advocates for the creation and sustainability of collaborative school-university partnerships.
NIU Career Services NIU Career Services fosters career development by providing comprehensive services to educate and empower students to make lifelong diverse career choices through career exploration and job search skills training.
NIU Partnership Modules The NIU College of Education Partnership Office offers free online modules on a variety of professional development topics.
NIU Scholarship Opportunities The Scholarship Office works in conjunction with the Office of Student Financial Aid to connect NIU students with various scholarship resources.
NIU Teacher Certification This site contains information about the NIU certification programs for teachers and other educators.
St. Cloud State University PDP Become familiar with the valuable resources on the St. Cloud State University Professional Development Program site.  This PDP program enables students to enhance their professional skills and advance their careers.