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Pre Award - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start to find external funding and to which agencies should I send my proposal for funding? I have an idea for a project or I have been working on a project. It may be a research, instruction or public service project or creative artistry activity. more >

2. How do I find out about agency deadlines and web sites; whom do I contact for agency guidelines and application forms? more >

3. Where do I go with my draft proposal or where do I obtain help to turn my proposal into a finished application? more >

4. Where do I go for budget assistance on my application for external funding? more >

5. How do I send an application to an agency? more >

6. Whose approval and signatures are necessary before I submit an application for external funding? more >

7. My project may involve the use of human participants, animal subjects, recombinant DNA, or biohazards. What do I have to do to clear my project for submission to a potential funding agency? more >

8. My project will be submitted to an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services (e.g., NIH) or to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Are there special certifications that I must complete specific to these applications? more >

9. Someone from the agency to which I've applied has asked me for a revised budget. Whom should I contact? more >

10. My potential sponsor wants to negotiate a research contract. Whom should I call or email at SPA?  more >

11. I have a R&D project that I believe would be of benefit to industry but am not sure how to begin with this conversation an industry sponsor. Can SPA help me to get started? more >

12. I received a notification from the agency that my project was not funded.  Now what? more >

13. My project was funded. Now what? more >

14. I've received a contract from the sponsor. What do I do with it? more >

15. I've conceived an invention and/or reduced it to practice either fully or partially under an external grant or contract. Now what do I do? more >

16. I still have work to do on my project and would like to extend it for another year. How do I do this? more >

17. What types of project changes require prior agency approval? more >