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Deposit Options

First Time Deposits

Have you already opened a Huskie Bucks account? If this is the first time you are making a deposit, you must open a Huskie Bucks account before adding any funds to it.

Adding Funds to an Existing Huskie Bucks Account

You may add funds to an existing Huskie Bucks account in the following ways:

  • Cash or Check (made payable to NIU) at the following locations:
  • Credit Card or E-Check (online only):
    To make an online deposit, visit our Web Payment Portal at Illinois E-Pay and click "Huskie Bucks Deposits" under Payment Type on the following page.
    • Online deposits may take up to three business days to electronically transfer into a Huskie Bucks account.
    • Students: your 8-digit student ID (MyNIU ID) is required to make a deposit. 
    • Faculty and staff: use your EMPLID.

    Credit Cards Illinois E-Pay
    VISA is a non-participating provider for Illinois E-Pay.
  • Value Transfer Station Deposit (cash only):
    Deposit cash into a VTS Machine at any of the convenient locations on campus.
    • Note: These machines do not give change.
  • Mail:
    Download our Huskie Bucks Mail Deposit Form and send a check made payable to the address provided. Deposits are made the same day we receive them.