Active Duty Checklist

If called to Active Duty while attending NIU, follow the steps below to withdraw from the University.

Withdraw from the University

  • Students must contact the Dean's Office of their major college if they want to withdraw from the university.
  • Submit withdrawal paperwork to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at:

              Altgeld Hall 208
              Phone: 815-753-1573
  • If you have any questions about withdrawing from the university, please feel free to check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the NIU office of Registration and Records at (815) 753-0681 or by e-mail at

Contact Financial Aid

  • You may contact the Student Financial Aid office if you have any questions regarding financial aid at 815-753-1395 or by e-mail at
  • Make sure you have all your student loan information. You can look up your student loans by going to the National Student Loan database (
  • Contact your lenders to talk about repayment options due to being deployed.

Housing Tasks

If living on campus or in the Northern View Community:

  • Students living in university residence halls or in Northern View Community will need to complete and submit to Housing & Dining a Residence Hall Contract Release Form. After fully completing and submitting the form, service members called to active duty will be released from their housing contract without cancellation penalty and will received pro-rated refunds of their room and board.

If living off-campus:

  • Off-Campus & Non-Traditional Student Services provides assistance to students living off campus who are entering active duty. Students may use Non-Traditional Student Services to list off-campus housing available to sublet. Contact Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Student Services at 815-753-9999 or by email at