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Living On Campus at NIU

If you are thinking about attending NIU you probably have many questions about your housing and dining options. You may be wondering where you'll live on campus and what amenities you'll have in your room. Or maybe you are trying to create a budget and you need to calculate the cost of living in a residence hall versus commuting from home or off-campus.

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Checking In

When you arrive to the campus, follow the signs to check in at your hall's front desk. We'll give you your key, hall entry card, and if you live in Grant, Gilbert, or New Hall, your OneCard PIN.

Packages and Mail

When you live on campus, you can pick up mail 24/7 at your own mailbox (or a shared mailbox if you have a roommate) near your residence hall's front desk. If you get a package, we'll let you know through email - then just stop by your front desk anytime with your OneCard to pick it up. Find out what your on-campus mailing address is.


Each room on campus is equipped with a coaxial jack for getting television. Find out about setting up your TV.