HSS Teams

2014-2015 Huskie Service Scholars Teams

Asian American Resource Center

Michelle Bringas, Supervisor

Melissa Cardella, Peer Mentor

"Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Cardella. I am a sophomore Media Studies Communication and Journalism major with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies. This will be my second year with the Huskie  Service Scholars program, and I am beyond excited."

Kalum Carrion, Fellow

Maria George, Fellow

"My name is Maria George. I am junior transfer student majoring in business. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, listening to music and volunteering. Along with HSS, I am also involved with Asian American Center. It is very exciting to be get involved in many service opportunities offered by HSS!!"

Alexis Malapitan, Fellow

"Hi! My name is Alexis Malapitan and I am an undergraduate college student at Northern Illinois University majoring in Journalism with a minor in English. I came here in the Fall of 2014, previously at the College of Lake County, where I got my Associates in Arts Degree.  Coming to NIU has opened my eyes to so many new opportunities, giving me a chance to break out of my shell and become more outgoing."

Center for Black Studies

Regina Curry, Supervisor

"I am Regina Curry SPlan coordinator for the Center for Black Studies this semester has allowed us to stay true to our theme of "lifting as we Climb" John Hendrix Clarke has raised health consciousness throughout the month of October with volunteer work and the Breast cancer march,  SPlan has served 50 mentees with 50 dedicated mentors,  The talent tenth hosted over 70 high School students for an overnight  visit. December will end our academic year with a collective celebration for Kwanza with each African American group sharing a principle.  My hobbies are spending time with family, reading and walking."

Jasmine Carey, Peer Mentor

Parrish Brown, Fellow
"My name is Parrish Brown and I'm a freshman at Northern Illinois university. I'm currently majoring in Industrial Management of Engineering and Technology. I enjoy volunteering around campus and communities, so it is a good slim chance that you will see me around. I'm already involved in three groups in the Northern Illinois Campus and those are Huskie Service Scholars, InterVarsity, and S-Plan. I guess you can say I'm a well-rounded guy."

Armond Jeffries, Fellow

"I'm Armond Jeffries. Majoring in Business Administration. I joined HSS as a great way to meet people on campus and because doing service work. I look forward to a wonderful year with you as well as the others leading the charge. :)"

Keyana Payne, Fellow

"My name is Keyana Payne. My major is public law. I am a freshman. I joined Huskie Service Scholars because when I heard about it I could not resists the opportunity to help my community."

Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy/ENVS

Melissa Burlingame, Supervisor

Melissa is the Program Coordinator for the ESE Institute and is the supervisor for the Environmental Studies cohort. She has worked with campus environmental issues for several years and focuses on ways to get students involved in making a difference on their campus. She also has connections in the community that help to provide even more service opportunities for students to expand their environmental arsenal.

  • Opportunities
    • Green Office Certification
    • STEMfest
    • Environmental Film Festival
    • Native Garden
    • ESE Institute Marketing & Projects

Kerrian Miller, Peer Mentor

"Hello! My name is Kerrian Miller and I am the peer mentor for ENVS. I'm working towards a Marketing degree with minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership and Civic Engagement. I am involved in several organizations on campus including C.A.U.S.E (Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurship), where I am the VP of Outreach. I also volunteer as a Peer Instructor for the UNIV 100 course. I enjoy reading, going out with friends, doing service work, watching movies, and staying involved on campus."

Nia Thomas, Fellow

"I am a pre-med student and I wanted to be apart of HSS because I have always been interested in volunteering in different organizations and just getting involved. I am an avid reader and writer as well as a die hard fan girl when it comes to Harry Potter, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Marvel, and Sherlock."

Latino Resource Center

Angelica Mendoza, Supervisor

Jaime Camargo, Peer Mentor

Erin Hernandez, Fellow

"Hello, my name is Erin Hernandez, I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in latin American Studies and Spanish. I am involved with the Latino center. I am a freshman, and I am very excited to work this year with Huskie Service Scholars."

Erick Salazar, Fellow

"My name is Erick Salazar. Engineering major, leaning towards the mechanical field. Also have a minor in Spanish and Latin American studies. I enjoy volunteering and think is important thing to do."

STEM Outreach

Pettee Guerrero, Supervisor

Pettee Guerrero is a graduate of NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. She stared her journey at STEM Outreach in 2012 as a Huskie Service Scholar fellow. During that year she discovered her passion for outreach and working with kids. Since then Pettee has become a full time member of the STEM Outreach team and has shared her passion for science through demo shows and hands on events with over 10000 K-12 students. She is also the co-coordinator for STEMfest which is STEM Outreach’s largest event to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEM Outreach provides opportunities for hands-on experiences with STEM subjects by conducting extra-curricular activities including clubs, competitions, and traveling hands-on museums. STEM Outreach’ s purpose is to raise educational aspirations, knowledge of STEM, and interest in attending NIU by coordinating activities such as structured campus visits, special events, and summer camps at NIU’s campuses.

Lori Korth, Peer Mentor

"Hi, my name is Lori Korth. I am a senior History and CLCE double major. Throughout my time at NIU I've had the opportunity to be involved in several organizations, including Huskie Alternative Breaks, which has helped me grow as a person and taught me the value of service. I enjoy traveling, photography, and exploring new things. I can't wait to see what this year holds for HSS!"

Blessy Johnson, Fellow

"My name is Blessy Johnson. I am a transfer Junior at Northern Illinois University, majoring in Psychology. I am a part of the STEM Outreach Program. Being a servant leader has always been my passion and the satisfaction always keeps me motivated. I love keeping myself busy by getting involved on campus."

Katie Timmons, Fellow

"My name is Katie Timmons and I am a transfer student in the CLCE program. I have always enjoyed serving and giving back to the community."

Student Involvement and Leadership Development

Diana Mondragon, Supervisor

Brooke Buttacavoli, Peer Mentor

"Being apart of Huskie Service Scholars has benefitted me so much. I have grown in my service work and civic engagement, But I also found out a lot about tons of amazing offices and resources on our very own campus! I even became much more involved. This year not only am I a peer mentor for Huskie Service Scholars, but I also am in Alpha Phi Omega, a student leader in Huskie Alternative Breaks and a Community Advisor in Stevenson Hall! I even realized service was my passion this year, and changed my major to Community Leadership and Civic Engagement. Huskie Service Scholars has helped me greatly in growing as a leader, not only in organizations, but also on campus. And I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be apart of the OSEEL office."

Shlena Bolton, Fellow

"Hello! My name is Shlena Bolton and I am a junior transfer student here at Northern Illinois University. I am a fellow for the SILD team and I am looking forward to serving 300 amazing hours this (2014-2015) academic school year. I enjoy doing service when I am able to do it because it provides so many opportunities. Doing service not only helps me grow as an individual, but it also has allowed me to meet so many others."

Maria Niemyjska-Toczek, Fellow

"My name is Maria Niemyjska-Toczek and I am currently a freshmen at Northern Illinois University. I’m majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy and greatly enjoy helping the people around me. Like the cliché saying goes, the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference."

Huskie Service Scholars Campus Partners

Asian American Center

Center for Black Studies

Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy/ENVS

Latino Resource Center

STEM Outreach

Student Involvement and Leadership Development