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noemi rodriguez

Name: Noemi Rodriguez

Cohort: Continuing Research Rookie

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sally Conklin

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Project Title: Child Sexual Abuse by Adolescent Boys: Comparing 3 Prevention Strategies

Project Overview: I will investigate child sexual abusers, who are adolescent boys.  I will focus on three interventions to limit abuse.  In order to identify interventions that work, I will compare strategies that are designed to limit abuse.  My goal is to compare successful interventions representing 1) therapy, 2) education, and 3) targeted primary prevention.  I will learn which interventions best limit abuse and ultimately prevent adolescent boys from becoming child sexual abusers.  The problem I am investigating involves both primary and secondary prevention strategies; these are public health concerns.  I will carry out the investigation using a comparative method in which efficacy of each prevention strategy is determined.  I anticipate learning more about specific examples of interventions that impact the complex topic of child sexual abuse perpetrated by adolescent boys.  I also expect to learn which level of prevention is most effective in limiting or preventing abuse and to apply this learning to my own career goals.