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josh nixon

Name: Joshua Nixon

Cohort: Continuing Research Rookie

Major: Geology & Environmental Geosciences

Hometown: Country Club Hills, Illinois

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Lenczewski

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Project Title: Analysis of Antibiotic Prevalence in NIU water

Project Overview: This project focuses on evaluating not only personal usage of antibiotics on a large scale; but also the amount of antibodies that enter the water system will be studied. With the creation of new or updated antibiotics being continuous, there is a need to quantify the amount of antibodies in the water that we use and in the average human body. There is also a concern on how the antibodies could affect other organisms that use the water. This is all a matter of concern because of the pharmaceutical industry. As humans and livestock use more and more antibiotics, the bacteria that the antibodies fight become more resistant. The resistant bacteria grow more resistance bacteria and cause an entire population of bacteria that will not die to standard medicine. From here, the pharmaceutical industry makes more antibiotics to fight the new population. The cycle repeats. This leaves the pharmaceutical industry in profit and with a guaranteed position in everyday life. This project should bring light to overuse of antibiotics and increase knowledge about how these affect not only humans but also other organisms and the environment.