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garrett wise

Name: Garrett Wise

Cohort: Continuing Research Rookie & Simmons' Scholar

Major: Physics

Hometown: Mendota, Illinois

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yasuo Ito & Dr. Zhili Xiao

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Project Title: Continuation of Pd/Au Analysis and Construction of Ultrathin Aluminum Oxide Film

Project Overview: The ultimate goal of this project is to create effective hydrogen sensors. My part of the project will be to create more palladium and gold nanostructure samples along with discovering a reliable method of creating thin aluminum oxide film in a controlled manner without completely removing it. The latter is a spin-off of my project from last year. This research project will be conducted with the Electron Microscope from the physics, chemistry, and biology departments of NIU, and the Electron Microscopy Center at Argonne National Laboratory. I will be making samples and using various modes of electron microscopy to perform a detailed analysis at the nanometer scale. I will also be familiarizing myself with free ware spectrum processing software (Cornell Spectrum Imaging software and NIST's DTSA software). This project will be more independent than last years to give me a feel of what this type of research is like.