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dan jeffries

Name: Dan Jeffries

Cohort: Continuing Research Rookie & Simmons' Scholar

Major: Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hometown: Tinley Park, Illinois

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayan Hosmane

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Project Title:

Project Overview: The research presented in this abstract is primarily a continuation of research being performed in the lab now.  Currently a promising method for synthesizing new L-glutamate derivatives for use in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy is being developed.  It is the hopes of this research to help and assist in the development of these new compounds.  The implications of this new method allow researchers to produce a wide array of different compounds from a common starting product.  These compounds are not specific to only BNCT however; some of them can participate in PET-Scans, the method that doctors use to locate the position of a tumor in a patient's body.  It is anticipated that with the additional help and input, the compounds that may possibly be synthesized will be synthesized for sure and the knowledge and practicality of BNCT will improve.