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courtney halas

Name: Courtney Halas

Cohort: Continuing Research Rookie 

Major: Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Hometown: Kankakee, Illinois

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nina Mounts

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Project Title:

Project Overview: Existing research studies suggest that adolescents with limb differences and deficiencies are at a greater risk for depression, anxiety, and loss of their self-esteem (Varni, Rubenfeld, Talbot, & Setoguchi, 1989).  Other investigations suggest that social support towards adolescents with limb differences is related to self-esteems (Varni, Rebenfeld, Talbot, & Setoguchi, 1989).  However, there is limited information available that examines the relation between severity of limb difference and adolescents' psychological adjustment.  The purpose of this research investigation is to examine the relationship between severity of adolescents' limb differences, adolescents' experiences of teashing from peers, adolescents' experiences of loneliness, and adolescents' friendship quality.  After learning about how to protect human participants in psychological research, how to use a statistical analysis program, and how to prepare and give a research-based poster presentation in her previous year with the Research Rookies program, in the coming year the undergraduate student will learn how to write an IRB proposal, contact organizations for potential participants, recruit participants, collect data, enter data, and conduct new statisical analysis techniques.