Northern Lights Ambassadors

Northern Lights Ambassador Student Profile

price  Name: John Price

  Major: Biology/Chemistry

  Year: Senior

  Hometown: Rockford, Illinois

  Committee: Alumni/ Foundation


My Story:

I am a non-traditional student with a wife, three young children.  Also I graduated high school almost a decade before beginning my freshman year at Northern. In my time between high school and college, I spent six years on active duty in the Navy, was a corrections officer at a county jail, sold both new and used cars, and was a production supervisor in two different Fortune 500 companies. The volatility of this life style, coupled with the instability of the economy, and the underutilization of my skills in many of these positions lead me to search for a profession that would challenge me both physically and mentally while allowing me to provide for my family. After much soul searching, I set out to become a military surgeon. The Navy provided me so many opportunities that I felt that becoming a military surgeon would not only accomplish my personal goals but would allow me to give back to the country that had given so much to me.

So I initially started at NIU as a pre-med Biology major, but because I found chemistry so fascinating and enjoyable, I quickly became a double major. At first, I came to NIU with the intention of getting a degree and moving on, but the pre-med program required me to become involved in university life.  The involvement stimulated me to becoming a part of the Huskie community. As a member of the Huskie community I have been able to expand my network with both mentors and mentees which has strengthened my resolve to succeed in my field.  I have been involved in the Chemistry Club, Pre-professional Association, Phi Sigma Honors Biological Society, and Mortar Board Senior Honors Society. I have also sat on numerous committees for the both the university and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and I am currently serving in my second year as a Northern Lights Ambassador.

Three years ago, it felt like my degree and going to medical school were a lifetime away, yet this semester I have completed my medical school application and am on track to graduate this May with Bachelors of Science in Biology and Chemistry.