Northern Lights Ambassadors

Northern Lights Ambassador Student Profile

wittke  Name: Evan Wittke 

  Major: Biological Sciences  

  Year: Junior

  Hometown: Waterman, Illinois

  Committee: Alumni/ Foundation


My Story:

I came to NIU as a freshman commuter student in the fall of 2010. Admittedly, I came into my freshman year thinking that because I was a commuter student I would not have a very strong connection to NIU other than going to classes. This could not have been further from the truth! I applied and was accepted into the NIU Research Rookies Program and immediately fell in love with scientific research. I felt that my lab work reflected concepts from my courses in a meaningful and applicable way. As I continued on in the lab, I felt an increased emotional investment in the NIU community because this is where I learned to become a better student and person.

Through my efforts in the lab and in the Research Rookies Program, I soon realized that NIU has become my home. Everyone has been welcoming, supportive, and always willingly to help in any way they can. These are the qualities that demonstrate why I love being an NIU Huskie!