Northern Lights Ambassadors

Northern Lights Ambassador Student Profile

cho  Name: Daihee Cho

  Major: Accountancy  

  Year: Junior

  Hometown: Seoul, Korea

  Committee: Communications/ New Student Initiatives, Chair


My Story:

Coming to NIU at the age of 18 as an international student majoring in Accountancy was not an easy choice. Living in a different country by myself was a bit scary. However, the fear was gone when I became a member of Huskie Community. A week before classes started in August 2010; I went to the University Honors Retreat for the incoming freshmen. I got a chance to meet with great faculty/staff members at NIU, and all the new friends who I made were very open and friendly. Even before I started my classes, I got to know a lot of people on the campus, and with their support, I was no longer scared, but excited for the opportunities that I have at NIU.

After classes started, I have had many benefits from all the opportunities that NIU has provided for its students. NIU has a numerous number of academic, social, and different kinds of extracurricular available for students. To name a few of my involvement, I participated in the Research Rookies Program for two years, which helped me learn more about my major, Accountancy. I was involved with Residence Hall Association (RHA) for two years, which gave me more insight of residence halls and which gave me an opportunity to meet so many residents and different student leaders on the campus. I am involved with Northern Light Ambassador (NLA) for two years, which gave me an opportunity to represent the College of Business. I attended a university wide fundraising event as well as meetings with NIU alumni and donors. I am also involved with the Student Association (SA). As a member of SA, I have an opportunity to meet student organizations and to help them with any issue.

With the involvements that I have had, I truly found myself at NIU. Being involved not only gave me great experience at NIU, but also gave me communication, networking, and time management skills that would help my future career plan. Being a member of the Huskie Community means that I must develop my skill sets for the future. I am proud to be a member of Huskie.