Northern Lights Ambassadors

Northern Lights Ambassador Student Profile

lamb  Name: Alexis Lamb

  Major: Music Education

  Year: Sophomore

  Hometown: Denver, Colorado

  Committee: Engaged Learning/Civic Engagement


 My Story:

Even though Northern Illinois University is a community of thousands of students and faculty who encourage and pursue achievement through academics, NIU is also a place where these individuals can define themselves.  In a little over one year here at NIU, my definition of “Alexis Lamb” has changed quite drastically, but in a very positive direction.  First of all, I started as a music education major emphasizing in percussion, and now I am double majoring in performance and education, as well as earning a minor with an endorsement in English. 

All of these opportunities have given me the chance to see my own potential and set high goals for myself to reach.  I have broadened my musical listening from classic and indie folk rock to anything from Indian tabla drumming to Brazilian samba, and with that I have participated in numerous world music ensembles through the School of Music, such as Chinese Ensemble, Middle Eastern Ensemble, tabla, and NIU Samba, which has made me realize my love for ethnic music, and my desire to continue this further by possibly studying abroad or focusing on ethnomusicology in the future.  I also believe that it is beneficial to indulge our lives with other cultures and traditions from around the world so that we can better understand and appreciate them, and music is a catalyst for this knowledge.  I have created strong connections with the School of Music faculty so that I can get the most out of my education while I am here, as well as to refer back to them for guidance when I become a teacher, myself.  Being a Northern Light Ambassador has had quite a significant impact on me as well, because it gives me a chance to give back to the Northern community and serve the student body well as a leader. 

It is always fulfilling when I am able to help someone out or make their voice be heard, and I believe that being in NLA has and will continue to make that happen.  I never would have guessed that there were so many options for what my life could be, if it were not for the opportunities I have had at NIU.  I plan on continuing my studies here for the next two and a half years and to always strive for excellence in my life.  NIU has helped me with creating a foundation of who I truly am, and what I am passionate about, and I know that it has for others as well, because every student from Northern has their own story to tell.  The common denominator with all of our stories is Northern Illinois University, because it establishes a successful start to the rest of our lives.