Available URA Positions

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Summer 2014 Opportunities

Lelia Porter Anthropology Ressearch Assistant: Primate Behavior (This position has been filled)
Pi-Sui Hsu Educational Technology Argue like a Global Scientist Research Assistant (This position has been filled)
Walker S. Ashley Geography Research Assistant: Fatal Multi-vehicle Crashes Due to Weather Hazards (This position has been filled)
David Goldbulm Geography Research Assistant: Assessing climate change impacts on forest species in the United States (This position has been filled)
Angela Grippo Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant: Stress and the Brain (This position has been filled)
Douglas G. Wallace                  Psychology                          Research Assistant: Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease anterograde amnesia in rats (This position has been filled)

Fall 2014 Opportunities

Rebecca Houze Art history Research Assistant: Ethnographic, State, and Transportation Exhibits at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition Chicago This position has been filled
Elizabeth Gaillard Chemistry and Biochemistry Biochemistry Laboratory Assistant This position has been filled
Karen Lichtman Foreign Languages & Literatures Research Assistant: Age, instruction, and language learning
Thomas Pingel Geography Research Assistant: Improving Maps for Disater This position has been filled
Wei Luo Geography Undergraduate Research Assistant to create a reverse cellular automata landform evolution model
Nathan Stansell Geology and Environmental Geosciences Undergraduate Research Assistant - Glacial Geology
Paul Wright Kinesiology and Physical Education Physical Activity and Life Skills (PALS) Group Undergraduate Research Assistant This position has been filled
Ji-Chul Ryu Mechanical Engineering Research Assistant: Control of a Nongrasping Robotic Manipulator This position has been filled
Ben Bingle & Nancy Castle NGOLD / CLCE Undergraduate Research Assistant
David Hedin Physics Research Assistant This position has been filled
David Valentiner Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant: Implicity Theories of Musical Performance Anxiety This position has been filled
Mary Lynn Doherty School of Music Research Assistant: Sabbatical Project This position has been filled
Andrew Otieno & Liping Guo Technology Research Assistant:  Analysis and Implementation of Dual-axis Solar sun tracker